Profiling a Fashion Queen, Ify Humphery By Femi SALAKO, (Triangle MEDIA


Profiling a Fashion Queen, Ify Humphery

(Triangle MEDIA)

Just as some stars are sturdier than others on the galaxy, celebrities rank on various scales. The Nigerian fashion firmament, as it were, is home to famed fashionisters. However, there are fundamental yardsticks that mark some out as outstanding figures, and it is a given that in measuring stars, the reach of luster is key.

The name of Ify Humphrey is incontrovertibly a household brand, and daily attracting fans and fame alike. Ify is sure one of the front liners in the Nigerian fashion Industry, and gradually she’s stepping into the global stage. An astute serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to excellence and professionalism, she has built a reputation in the fashion industry nationally and internationally in a short span of an amazing 2 years.

It was no suprise that the amiable gashion poster child was greeted globally with loud ovation over her stupendous award by La Mode Magazine. The award, which was recently given, was not only locally hailed, the international communities were notedly attracted to this milestone because of the weight and worth of the illustrious awardee.

Recently she was awarded as kid’s fashion designer of the year by La Mode Magazine and her brand Kamkiddies (which has about 34K followers on Instagram) is gaining more recognition by the day on both national and international fronts. Her products have been celebrated and recognized in the U.S, U.K, South Africa and a host of other countries.

Ify is not just any impulsed adventurer into the fashion circles but a figure whose incurse into the business was a delibrate one. Interestingly too, she is a trained professional and a banker who decided to quit the banking sector (after working with Access, Hasal microfinance and then Aso savings) and chase her dreams of entrepreneurship. Her journey of success has been phenomenal.

Small wonder therefore that she has since made a huge success of this enterprise. Meanwhile, the question has been repeatedly raised as to how did she find the courage to achieve these feats. But hers is a testimony of how much difference a clear vision and courage to pursue one’s passion can make. This genius queen did manage her hitches and rise through her failures to emerge on the galaxy, while building her business successes from the little limes even in such a short span of time.

Superlative Humphery will be speaking at the Activate conference on the 23rd of November 2019. She’d be giving pragmatic insights on how to grow your business from zero whilst sharing her inspirational story of success. On the date, the world would again be treated to wow and wonder of passion and putsuit.

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