President Tinubu’s success will be unique in Nigeria


By: Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola

Grant me the opportunity to answer momentarily to the circumstance in Nigeria by and by, particularly, the moving effect of Subsidy removal and the foreign exchange unification. For sure, the ongoing circumstance is very much conceived by the President in the Renewed Hope Agenda, which I consider to be a Reestablished Trust Plan, and he, every now and again reminded Nigerians that if elected, he will create wealth, but at the earlier period of his Presidency, Nigerians must make some practical sacrifices. It was a call then that, Nigerians should make a few functional penances. Throughout the electioneering, it remained a dynamic of his speeches, the time for the practical sacrifices is here.

Eminently, the circumstance now brings to mind that the current situation resembles a youngster male, who goes through Circumcision. The child and mother will sob for the undeniable reasons of the aggravation that the child is proceeding along completely.

Without a doubt, the injury will for sure mended. Regardless, when the injury mends and everything is great the new person begins “cruising”; o indeed, begin moving, and begin commending for a person he is!

Please, such pain is essentially part of the healing process provided by Gilead Balm. I say it once more, all Nigerians ought to be patient and devoted that the Renewed Hope will surely bring an unprecedented success for all Nigerians, and Nigeria as a Nation will attain the working accolade of a developed democracy and Nation.

I must emphasize that any society or civilization of compound existence that has survived difficult times should do so with patience and in the light of “no Cross, no Crown.” The sacrifices must be made by everyone. In any case, soon very soon we will all observe the progressions and grin. This is a verifiable reality and going to rehash the same thing in Nigeria to ultimately benefit all.

In a nutshell, the current experience is a necessary alignment contour, but it is only a brief period of time that will soon pass as progress continues. Nigerians, we ought to be for sure stay patient, and briefly persevere for the Crown is coming after this cross for all, and because of all!

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