Ondo North 2023: Charting New Cause With Akogun Adetokunbo Modupe.


Ondo North 2023: Charting New Cause With Akogun Adetokunbo Modupe.

The build-up to the 2023 general elections no doubt has continued to raise several questions, among which are the suitability of candidates for elective positions; the fate of the nation come 2023, especially considering the current state of the nation; among other questions.

And in the political scene, candidates are already canvassing for the respective offices they have set their sights on, while the people, who are the electorate, are with their ears to the ground, hoping to deeply and critically examine these candidates so that they might get their preferred candidate.

And if there’s anything which the current political dispensation has shown to all Nigerians, it’s the common will and readiness of the common people across the 36 states of the nation to elect a candidate who is not just politically savvy but also suitable and credible.

For the people of Ondo North Senatorial District, the desires of the people are no different from the desires of the average politically conscious Nigerian, which is to get the much desired dividends of democratic experience.

While the Senatorial District has less to show for their numerous democratic experiences over the last few decades, they are geared up to take their destiny into their own hands by electing a candidate who has all it takes to productively harness the commonwealth of the people for the greater good of all.

Coming out with all confidence in his ability to deliver quality representation to the people, a man who is poised and committed to driving a new era of greatness for the Senatorial District is Akogun Adetokunbo Modupe.

He comes at a point when there is a dire need for a credible breed of politician, one that can be held accountable to do the needful for the people.

He has said more than once that he’s ready to represent the good people of the Ondo North Senatorial District well if he’s elected to be a senator for the area in the 10th National Assembly in 2023.

His profile tells the story of an excellent manager and a successful entrepreneur. A man who, in all ramifications, can be said to be one who knows his onions.

The public relations expert established himself to become one of the best and most sought after in the nation. Going down memory lane, when people were leaving the nation after the 1993 crisis, he stayed back to build a now thriving business.

The same scenario is currently being played out in Nigeria as many Nigerians have resorted to leaving the shores of the nation in search for greener pastures. Amid the harsh socio-economic realities, he presents himself as a viable candidate with the capacity to lead, inspire and gainfully harness the resources of the people.

He seeks to restore the long lost pride of the people of the Senatorial District by ensuring the creation of infrastructure that will change the narrative for the better in Ondo North Senatorial District.

All he seeks is to give the people an environment they can be proud of, a land filled with opportunities and much needed incentives to thrive.

He comes from a political structure, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), that has a long history of advocating democratic institutions and quality representation. If there’s anything required of the people, it’s to support a candidate who has the capacity to deliver, the will to serve the people and a political structure to back him up.

According to Modupe, “vibrant and purposeful representation are the main reasons for electing a senator to represent a senatorial district. 

a”Diligently, I shall apply my over 28 years of experience in the private sector, over 15 years in active politics, education in social engineering, leadership, negotiation, lobbying, strategy, innovation and law to debates, bill sponsorship, oversight functions and general exploration of the national assembly to the benefit of Ondo North Senatorial District.”

Adesina Oluwakemi writes from Akoko

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