Ondo Cassarev and the magic wand of Alex Ajipe By TRIANGLE Media


Ondo Cassarev and the magic wand of Alex Ajipe


As Ondo State government signified its bid to taking the sunshine state a mileage above being a civil service state to one that can be reckoned with as industrial through agricultural intervention it tagged Cassava Revolution ( CASSAREV), some men have not only keyed into the noble agenda, they have been ready instruments of the change.

It’s on this rare row of men that Chief Alexander Oluremi Ajipe, belongs. Ajipe is CEO, Klick Konnect Network, the agency whose tools have been at the forefront of the government ‘s efforts in this regard. The brilliant mind has been delivering, reeeled out the industrial templates already in place towards attaining to the fullest, the Ondo State industrial drive.

Klickonnect Networks is putting smiles on the faces of the people through this great initiative, and its CEO, Ajipe, is putting in place creative templates for attaining a working and lasting industrial drive.

Recounting the state of affairs before the Oluwarotimi Akeredolu led government took over the mantle of leadership in the state, Ajipe said no other government has shown commitment towards Ondo State industrial development after the era of late Pa. Adekunle Ajasin. In his words, Ajipe said According to him, the Cassava Revolution, which is a value chain program, is designed to explore the many advantages of cassava towards the economic development of the state.

He further observed that most of the things Ondo State was known for like the Oluwa Glass Industry, the Ceramic Industry, the Tomatoes Industry, among others, have all gone moribund due to the insensitive nature of successive governments.

On Cassava to Ethanol Factory which is another first of its kind in the state, Chief Ajipe said the factory will consume 350-400 toons of Cassava and would provide direct employment to 500 people. Other initiatives on ground include the Ondo Linyi industrial hub Phase 1 and Ondo Linyi Phase 2 projects which will bring about a truck assembly plant to Ondo State and as well, ACAVAT, a training institution which will train people on every technology brought into the state.

Obviously, Ondo State has set the pace in it’s industrial drive by being the first to have established a Textile Mill Factory, a Paper Mill Factory that produces paper pulp; the first to sign a city by city agreement with the Republic of China just as the present administration remained the first to allocate 10,000 hectares of lands to Wewood as part of efforts towards a renewed agenda for agricultural development in the state.

It is no wonder, therefore, that laudation has since been greeting the efforts of the Akeredolu-led government towards ensuring rapid industrialization within the state. With these strides, the administration is proving that good governance is possible in Nigeria. This intervention too speaks of the need for politicians to commit to people oriented projects as been graphically demonstrated by this government.

Arakunrin has convinced the world that Ondo State is a safe place for profitable investment. When the person at the helm of affairs is one of unquestionable character, it becomes easy for people from different parts of the world to come and invest in the State.

More interesting, too, Ajipe, the FUTA trained genius whose conducts this project in his place as revenue consultant to Ondo State ministry of natural resources is a seasoned project manager with great pedigree. Hence, the prospects of this wonderful initiative becomes more visible.

At full implementation, the Cassarev is expected to see to the establishment of an ethanol factory and contribute to human capital development within the State as farmers, truck loaders among others will benefit immensely from the project.

Farmers in the state are expected to supply not less than 400 toons of cassava daily to keep the factory in operation. Klickconnect is also encouraging the people of the state especially youths to get involved in cassava farming by registering them and facilitating no interest loan for those short of manpower to farm.

The people of the sunshine state will no doubt enjoy a new lease when this rich idea, among others create employments, ensure food security and create revenue for the government of Ondo State.

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