ONDO 2020 Akinjo: The Credible, Reliable Alternative


ONDO 2020

Akinjo:  The Credible, Reliable Alternative

It’s saying the obvious to say electorates in this part of the world are used to fraud. Yes,  because usual experience is having aspirants promise heaven on earth, only to renege blatantly on attaining the sought office. It has thus become a matter of wisdom for constituents to be certain of the pedigree of aspirants,  to look out for certain stable and enduring traits in position seekers so that they can be relatively sure of the reliability or credibility of each aspirant.

Let us define an astute politician. Here is a sterling patriot, Hon. Victor Kolade Akinjo, whose exceptional contributions to community development and national politics is second to none. His hardwork and passion for communal excellence eloquently earned him a place among stars.

This genius has done so much and so well for his constituents to the admiration of many within and beyond it. In virtually all facets of his four-year mandate, these sterling achievements are discussed hereunder.

On motion businesses, Akinjo moved motions on the Electricity black out in
Ondo South; Ayetoro Shoreline protection contract; Motion on the need to provide Forex at subsidized rate to students studying abroad; Motion on justice for victims of demolition of Kukwuaba Market at Kubwa carried out by the Bwari Area Council of FCT, Abuja; Motion calling on FG to rescue some people and communities from ravaging ocean surge. Motion calling for investigation of abandoned Arogbo bridge in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo state; Motion calling on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to nominate an indigene of oil producing area as member representing Ondo state on the NDDC board

Motion calling on FG and its relevant security agencies to intensify security along Akure/Ilesha with a view to comb the area of kidnapping and robbery activities
;Motion calling on the Presidential Amnesty Committee to deploy qualified candidates for admissions into the 2017/2018 Academic Session; Motion calling for national tribute and honour to the Amapetu of Mahin Land, Late Oba Adetemi Lawrence Omowole; Motion calling on the FG and its relevant agencies to clear Ilaje/Ese-Odo waterways of invasive water hyacinths

His efforts on bills sponsorship include NTA amendment bill; National population amendment bills; NDDC Amendment Bill; NISER amendment bill; Loan repeal bill; Women Empowerment Bill; Petition the Senate on non nomination of indigene of oil producing area of ondo state into the Board of NDDC ; Submitted petition to the House on behalf of those employed but not deployed  from Ilaje/ Ese odo in Federal Medical Centre Owo; Provided legislative support against a petition submitted by Legislator on behalf of Makun community against the Atijere community as part of Ilaje nations ; Petition NDDC on the need for the revocation of Ugbo-Oghoye abandoned road project

Akinjo achieved like none before him in terms of infrastructure. He succeeded in facilitating the following ongoing and completed projects to the doorsteps of our people:100m long footbridge each in the following communities viz Opuerubiri, Opuba, Ajapa, Ebijimi, Abereke, Gbabijo, Ubajakere, Obe-Ogbaro, Magbenwa already completed, Seja Matiminu at 95% completion, while Ogogoro, Igbokoda and Motoro are still at flag off stages. The one for Oroto, Igboti, Ipepe and completion of 100m Opuebirii additional extension are recently awarded.

Solar-powered street lights in the following communities: Orioke Iwamimo, Atijere, Itebu Kunmi, Gbolomi, Imoluwa, Okesiri, Abereke, Igbobi etc; Hand pump boreholes at Salvation Army Primary School at Igbobini, Ugbotu Primary school; Facilitation of jetty/shoreline protection through NDDC budget 2016 at Ode-Mahin, Ode Ugbo, Award of 7.5km Zion Pepe – Agerige Road, Igbekebo internal roads and Itebu Kunmi/ Mahinted road, Igbekebo Solar Power project, 150km footbridges in Ese Odo,  jetty construction at Ebijimi, Oriopo jetty and concrete walkway, Iluagbo Okitipupa bridge, Zion Igbokoda link bridge and internal road,  Insisting that the project initiated by Citizen and Awuwa like the concrete roads in Igbokoda etc are funded in the 2016 budget of NDDC. Facilitated and supported payment for the job done on the ongoing transmission line from Omotosho to Okitipupa for electricity purpose for our people.  Ilumeje water ways clearance by NDDC.

Mekunukoya indiscriminated Social Water Scheme of about 59000 litres of water every  day for about six month  still counting at Igbokoda with potential of extension to other communities in the riverine. The truck made maiden visit to Ode- Ugbo some days ago; Construction of 4 room toilet at Holy Trinity Primary School, Igbokoda and St Luke’s Pry School Itebukunmi; construction of Toilet in Igbokoda Police Station; Renovation of  two buildings of 4 classrooms with modern learning facilities at St. Luke’s Anglican Primary School, Itebu Kunmi.

40 Hectares Fadama cassava farm at Igbobini under MekunuKoya Cooperative Scheme on-going; Larada 500m Interlocking stones road recently awarded by Proda to begin before the end of the month; Boreholes under Rural Water Scheme with about 22000 Litres  reservoir awarded to be completed before end of February in Igbokoda, Igbekebo, Sabome, and Repairs and replacement of stolen pumps in existing boreholes at Itebukunmi, Mahintedo, Igbobi and Obinehin

Helped and facilitated the construction of Civic Centre through NDDC at Ayetitun, job completed; Monthly and Quarterly Mekunu Koya Social Welfare Scheme for poverty reduction; One Million Naira (₦1,000,000.00) monthly intervention; printed about 5000 exercise books and 1000 copies of past questions in English and Mathematics to be distributed to schools.

In the area of capacity building, empowerment programmes and employment, the followings are Akinjo’s achievements:Training and skill acquisition programme for over 600 youths of Ilaje/Ese-Odo federal constituency; Business monthly support token for selected women across all our  wards; Purchase of GCE forms and payment of WAEC registration fee for students; Grants to Nigerian Law School students; Awards of Excellence with cash backing to deserving students of selected secondary schools in Ilaje/Ese-OdoFederal Constituency;

Awards of Excellence with cash backing to deserving teachers of selected secondary schools in Ilaje/Ese-OdoFederal Constituency; Grants to the physically challenged people and purchase of some items for them; Grants to the indigent members of selected churches and mosques; Provision of working tools to selected artisans like tailors, hairdressers, vulcanizers, farmers, fishermen, drivers etc.; Empowerment of May 6 2016 that cost over 50m is still evergreen in the memory of the numerous beneficiaries.

50 out of 100 artisanal boats for fishermen and women fabricated locally with the economy of the production domesticated with our people distributed ; Facilitation of employment opportunities for some constituents in Federal MDAs, military and paramilitary agencies;  Seven out of the 25 Mekunukoya Cooperatives empowered and powered with the revolving loan concept kick started. The remaining ones will be powered before the end of March; Empowering our people through Amnesty Scholarship; engaging our people through many social media networks

Oversight through the committees on NDDC, procurement, local content and population significantly imparted on Nigerian and by extension our people economy. On many occasion caused the agency to do the right thing for the people, expose corruption and fight for expenditures tied to value. My voice has been very loud in my oversight responsibility as a law maker; visited China, India, USA and London in defence of our people’s interest and democracy.

We can confidently say to you that the right man for the job, the man to take Ondo State to the land flowing with milk and honey as promised by Eledumare is Akinjo Kolade Victor

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