Olagboyega: A Seasoned Real Estate Mogul By TRIANGLE Magazine


Olagboyega: A Seasoned Real Estate Mogul

By Traingle Magazine

The story of Olagboyega Adeyemi, business mogul and estate handler, is a tale of huge success. The Oka-born business man has made successes of his estate business for which he is famed and affluent. He is the Chairman of Abode Company Limited, handlers of real estates, constructions, valuation and consultancy.

A user of multi-level marketing strategy, his skills and technical know-how has worked for many who has done business with him.The talent called Olagboyega is, by any measure a veteran in the trade of real estate in the sense that he deals land buying, land selling and properties and of course, constructions.

The Real Estate Business is one of the most profitable business that anyone can do; in fact, it is a business that top our list of lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, yet this distinguished personality has made great marks in this workd. Adegboyeya is sure not one of those who go into this type of business without solid plans. For him, he delved into the real estate business as an investor and even does real his business as an agent.

Arriving the top stage was not all rossy. Looking back for Adeyemi, he grew up learning the ropes and scalling hurdles, including rising on the wings of certain individuals who mentored him in the real estates business. He loved the way they operate and only needed to improve on it since he is star-studded and has the educational background to improve on it. He also has the contacts required to thrive on the business, using same to help people to look for accommodation in those days at no cost.

The trade, overtime, swelled to the extent that he was helping people to buy lands. And now he buys land and sell to people.
He didn’t get to the height overnight. He made good of his friends, among whom are lawyers, partners and others who have greatly assisted him. The challenges are there, really. Especially when you are selling lands or allied properties, when one has to do his homework diligently about who owns the property, why is the person selling, processes of sales and all that those are the things that have to be in place, you have to know all this before you can actually sell a land.

A dillingent business mogul, he does all these to stay out of trouble at all times. He knows the risks involved and takes them brilliantly, believing in putting money on properties, in selling one and getting another one come his way. A star boy, he knows his game, he knows that adding up money and putting it to work for him is no child’s play.

For Olagboyega, the government needs to do more for the business to have brtter prispects, and he is hoping that a government will call for experienced hands for advice or support in the interest of making the estate business a better occupation that the way it is.

Hear him, “We that we are into real estates business are the one that knows what the indigenes and people that lives in a particular state, we are the one that knows their problems and challenges in real estates when it comes for accommodations,we know the kind of houses they want, the kind of location they want, we know the budget, we knows their plans,we know everything, we know what they ask for,and that are not in the market, we can actually advice the government or partner with government.”

Adeyemi added, ” If we look at most of the estate we have the afro stuff ,we have the sunshine most of them have been paid for,you understand so we don’t really have accommodation that will fit this, that will fit into what our people here want,we have a lot of Cravings for two bedrooms,we have a Cravings for three bedrooms,we have a lot of cravings for four bedrooms flat and we have a lot of Cravings duplex a lot of people come here and say they want greatest estate.”

As a good real estate business owner, Adegboyega embraces technology which he uses in moving his trade in the right direction. Not only does he take advantages of all his business brings, he also makes technology work for him as a technology driven expert. He is an expert who undetstands that real estate is a business opportunity that has been in existence for years and still is; a business that can turn the table of prosperity in ones favour, a game changer when it comes to profitable untapped businesses in Nigeria.

While being positive about the chances of the business, he lends profound counsel, asking potential entrants into estate business to seek advice, consult about what kind of investment to delve into. It is safer, he believes to let the professionals advise about your choices, budgeting, and based on your budget, advice would be offered appropriately.

Of all the things that constitute problems to practitioners of real estates, there is none that is impossible for Adegboyega. And that shows the extent of his professional finesse. Believing that at the present time, things have changed, the genius Adegboyega has since ensured that he trains and retrains in order to keep up with trends and so that he can continue to run a successful real estate business by; he is taking various course on the subject matter.

No doubt, he has the best real estate business plans that evolve and that he continues to work on and alter its contents as his business grows.

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