Ogun Carnival 2022 is here again in Ondo City


In celebrating the immense and rich cultural heritage of the Ondo Kingdom as well as harnessing its indigenous heritage to promote the kingdom, for maximum economic benefit, join other proud sons and daughters of the Ondo Kingdom as we celebrate the Ogun Carnival 2022.

This year’s edition aims to serve as a means to promote Ondo’s rich cultural diversity in its quest for economic, political and cultural development.

Furthermore, away from the norm, Ogun Festival 2022 is also poised to share to the international community, a divergent cultural richness of the Ondo people.
While nations like Brazil, Cuba among others have greatly harnessed this significant Yoruba feature to not only form an identity for themselves, they have also turned it to an internationally renowned carnival which has continued to contribute greatly to their economic development and growth.

The Ondo Carnival 2020 is scheduled to hold on the 7th of September, 2022.

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