National Recognition: Prince Bayo Osiyemi Congratulates Cardinal Odunmbaku


I read with delight and satisfaction the news of the National honours to be conferred on you next month by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It is in recognition of your invaluable contributions to the spiritual and political developments of the country.

This award is a crowning reward especially for your political sagacity in which you have established yourself as an unparalleled political campaigner extraordinaire over the years.

As campaign manager from Tinubu governorship years through his successor, Raji Fashola to Akin Ambode and now Babajide Sanwoolu, you have distinguished yourself as a deft political soapbox engineer whose oratorical skills remain unsurpassed in Lagos State and beyond.

Now elevated to the national political stage, your award is a clear pointer that our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains the foremost man to wear the presidential crown of Africa’s leading country in the forthcoming presidential election.

I salute you and rejoice with you, our most admired grassroots political mobilizer – Prince Bayo Osiyemi

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