Moyosola Niran-Oladunni: A golden fish @48


Moyosola Niran-Oladunni:

A golden fish @48

He is a model of simplicity and an extremely down to earth person. 

Composed, competent and Consistent, No other man can be best described by these three adjectives collectively other than one of Ondo State’s most outstanding and exceptional business savvy; Moyosola Niran-Oladunni. A goal-getter; result orientated, highly-principled and visionary businessman, Moyosola is thought driven with a candid and nondiscriminatory attribute.

He also possesses an unimpeachable rectitude and flawless integrity. He is often distinguished as a good listener, solution-provider, adventurous and versatile politician, who is well versed in the chronicles and politics of Ondo State and Nigeria as a whole.
Moyosola Niran-Oladunni who derives his strength from his mother and late father, was born to Prince Michael Durojaiye Oladunni and Chief Mrs. Margret Ebunofe Oladunni on the 16th day of September, 1971. 

The father, Prince Oladunni, was elected as the Executive Chairman of the old Akoko North Local Government Area of Ondo State under a zero-party arrangement in 1987.  During his tenure as the Executive Chairman (1987-1989), Prince M.D. Oladunni known for his pedigree as a man of unparalleled integrity, a disciplinarian, an astute politician, an accomplished educationist, was appointed as the Chairman of All Local Government Chairmen in the old Ondo State (comprising Ondo and Ekiti States).  In the same vein, Chief Mrs. M.E. Oladunni, is a political activist, foremost educationist, grassroots mobiliser and an opinion leader, who became the Chairperson, Conference of All Primary School Teachers in the then Ondo State and a full-time member of the State Primary Education Board (SPEB) from 1993 to 1999. She was President of the Ondo State Chapter of the National Council of Women Societies from 2003 to 2007 and currently the Chairperson of the All Akoko Women Traditional Chiefs in the State.
Moyosola is undeniably aboriginal as his early training from childhood through his nonage to his university days were in Ondo State. This endowed him with a depth and opulent knowledge and understanding of the political dynamics of the State, as well as the State’s core developmental needs.

The Alumnus of the famous Lagos Business School has dignified himself with startups, business development and chain process management in business.  Moyosola launched his professional career with the defunct Gateway Bank in 1999, where his innovative thinking and outstanding performance earned him rapid promotions during his short stint with the bank. In 2002, he joined a startup, Cards Technology Limited (Master Card Member Service Provider & Third Party Processor), where he rose from the position of Marketing Manager to General Manager in charge of Business Development.  In 2007, he decided to set up his own company, Integrated Intelligent Imaging West Africa Limited (I-CUBE WA Ltd), operators and concession managers of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport access gates. 

He resigned from his executive position in I-CUBE in 2012 to enable him effectively pursue other interests. He is the pioneer African Vice President, International Road Dynamics Africa Ltd, a subsidiary of IRD Corporation in Canada, as well as the Executive Vice Chairman of Axys System and Solutions, which is a major player in infrastructure development in the aviation industry.  He is Chairman, FIZA Healthcare Services Nigeria Limited and also a director of various systems and solutions providing companies, including: Vital Records Nigeria Limited, Integrated Security and Surveillance Technologies Limited.  The Ondo state-born Moyosola has a burning and long-standing passion for community and human capacity development.
Moyosola’s advance into active politics commenced in 1990 at the grassroots level in the old Ondo State when he became a ward Secretary of the Peoples Solidarity Party (PSP) in his hometown, Akunnu Akoko.  He also joined the Alliance for Democracy (AD) as a foundation member and formed the Alliance for Democracy Action Vanguard (ADAV) in 1998, when parties were not allowed to have youth wings.  His activities in the party ranged from youth and grassroots mobilization and coordination to publicity among others.  He was responsible for the production of the first radio jingle for AD in 1998. During this period, Moyosola worked successfully with the late Chief. Bola Ige,  Chief Adefarati, Dr. Tunji Otegbeye , Chief Nathaniel Aina and a host of other progressive leaders.
Moyosola Niran-Oladunni prefers to be regarded as a professional in politics rather than a professional politician. MNO which was initially an acronym for his name (Moyosola Niran-Oladunni) had now been prophetically adapted to ‘Making New Ondo’ by his numerous political followers and loyalists who are witness of the significant success he has recorded in career and business at a relatively early stage. They crave for it to be translated into the governance and development of the society which has always been the outmost desire of Moyosola.
This young brilliant and confident proud son of Akoko has been widely acknowledged by professional colleagues and business associates as a stickler for best practice in business. He has also been extolled for his diligence, ingenious, creative energy, panache and drive for distinction. Within the relatively short period he has been in business, Moyosola is already regarded as an accomplished leader in the application of best-in-class methodology and execution of strategic direction of Operations, Management, Standardization and Leadership; as well as an expert in operational safety, project delivery, profitability and programme effectiveness within his field of specialties.
Having demonstrated a peculiar promethean ability and a quenchless thirst for success, there is, perhaps, no better time for the young and energetic Moyosola to offer himself for the service of the people than now, when Nigerians across all age brackets are desperately longing for a new generation of leaders.

Moyo is wished many more decades in unfailing health, sound mind and service to humanity as he attains the age of wisdom.

  1. Here is an extremely brilliant, dutiful and patriotic Nigerian that deserves to be celebrated on occasion of his birthday. He has touched many lives and given much back to his place of birth without any form of media attention. He can at best be described as an unsung hero and silent helper of destinies.

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