MHA Ifedore 2023: Forging a better Constituency with Tope Akomolafe


The task of rebuilding our realities can only be done when our leadership structures are creditably built on foundations that can set the tone for sustainability, progress and holistic development.

We can only achieve a state of utmost bliss within our socio-political settings when we take that conscious decision to elect individuals who embodies goodness, values and cores which very vital for growth and development, then the people who are the electorate can confidently sit back to expect the much required dividends of a good democratic process.

The current political dispensation has seen the emergence of a vacuum which is caused by the lack of a proper leadership set up, our constituencies’ progress has been limited because of our inability to elect suitable candidates in public offices.

For the people of Ifedore Constituency, here comes an opportunity for them to have it right in the next coming election, providence has presented them an opportunity to elect a credible candidate in the coming house of assembly election.

Hon. Tope Komolafe comes with a wave of new excitement, one heralded by a sense of credibility and value. Against the narrative of always having a political pool which is ordinarily filled with selfish and mediocre individuals, he comes with a difference.

Determined to make a change, a viable one which will set the tone of development for the people, he present himself the candidate needed by the people.

The people of Ifedore Constituency cannot afford to get it wrong in the forth coming election, the future of their constituency depends on their ability to attract quality.

He comes with a wealth of experience which ranks him among other candidates, he was a former councillor representing Igbara Oke Ward 2, a former vice chairman in Ifedore Constituency local government.

His trajectory into the political circle of the state shows the credentials of a man who can be considered a thorough bred and a grassroots politician, one who has a common knowledge of the constituency and all that he needs to do to advance their cause.

As a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, he belongs to a political community of goal getters, ones who can strategically pull the strings to get the needs of his people sorted out.

Ifedore Constituency can be a lot better than it is at the moment and this is why they must look beyond mere political sentients and vote based on credibility.

Hon. Tope Komolafe holds the key to advancing the Constituency for the better and here comes a clarion call for the people to support him as much as they can and ensure his emergence as the next candidate to represent the Constituency at the Ondo House of Assembly come 2023.

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