Meagre to Magnate: the heights reached by Gbadewole Kayode @40


Gbadewole Amos Kayode: A Remarkable Journey from Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Magnate

Life’s beauty lies in the remarkable stories of individuals who rise above their humble beginnings, overcoming adversity with unwavering determination and an unyielding spirit. Such is the inspiring tale of Dr. Gbadewole Amos Kayode, fondly known as Gbade, who has not only become an exemplary figure but also a motivating force in the world of real estate. As he celebrates his 40th birthday, we reflect upon his journey and marvel at how far he has come.

Gbade’s story began as a young boy, assisting his mother in street hawking. However, his small and extremely humble beginnings did not dampen his spirit. In fact, Gbade used this period to equip himself with the necessary skills that would later pave the way for his success in the business world.

One notable trait that set Gbade apart was his commitment to saving, even against all odds. During his mandatory one-year NYSC program with Coscharis, he chose to save ₦2,000 from his meager allowance on a weekly basis. This dedication to saving, coupled with his clear vision of success, allowed Gbade to remain focused and steadfast, undeterred by distractions that may have derailed his path.

Since leaving secondary school, Gbade had been driven by an unwavering determination to succeed in the world of business. He worked tirelessly, making numerous sacrifices along the way, and it is important to acknowledge the role of grace in the remarkable success he has achieved.

As the saying goes, big things often come in small packages, and this adage rings true in Gbade’s life. In 2015, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a piece of land in Abuja. A contact who had previously negotiated the deal reached out to Gbade, but lacked the necessary funds to finalize the purchase. Recognizing the inherent potential, Gbade promptly applied for a loan of ₦150,000 from Coscharis, which, combined with his savings, allowed him to seize the opportunity.

Together with his partner, Gbade embarked on developing the property, and soon enough, interested buyers began to make deposits for the housing units within the estate. Notably, part of the deposited funds was reinvested into a separate estate, and this marked the beginning of Gbade’s impressive growth in the real estate business.

At the youthful age of 35, Gbade has already established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian real estate sector, with ownership of 11 smart estates and over 2,700 housing units. Operating under the business name Crown Allied Global Realty & Homes, he has successfully developed seven estates in Abuja and Lagos, including Crown Luxury Estate, Crown Oakland City, Crown Golden City, Crown Sheffield City, Crown Vista City, Hill Crest Estate, and Crown Smart City.

The meteoric rise of Gbadewole Kayode in the real estate business aligns with the biblical adage, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” Gbade has captured the nation’s real estate sector by storm, and his ambition shows no signs of waning. While he continues to make strides in the Federal Capital Territory, he has already set his sights on expanding into other major cities across the country.

From his impoverished beginnings and days of street hawking, Dr. Gbadewole Amos Kayode has ascended to an enviable pedestal of prominence, influence, and aff

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