Kudos For That Bill On National Burns And Rehabilitation Centre


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Mon Apr 19 2021

On the 14th of April 2021 on the floor of the Senate, Senator Tolu Odebiyi, representing Ogun West Senatorial district (Yewa land) in Ogun State sponsored the bill for an act to provide for the establishment of the National Burns and Rehabilitation Centre, Ilaro, Ogun State.

According to him, the purpose of the bill is to ensure that there’s a facility to provide intensive treatment and the rehabilitative needs of burns victims and to train capable hands in the treatment of burns related injuries.

This lawmaker over the years has often made his intentions known; to always push for projects and policies that will make life better for the people of Yewa-land. The recent bill sponsored by him will have the capacity of taking care of fire accident victims and also adding value to them by training them to acquire skills.

Sons and daughters of Yewa-land will have the opportunity to get skills in taking proper care of fire victims. The need or urgency to travel to another community or state to have this done will be eliminated.

No doubt, Senator Tolu Odebiyi is a breed different from the rest, the future of Yewa-land is safe in his hands as more good things are bound to happen in the region with hands like his on board.

With no drive to vainly glorify the brilliant lawmaker who has been described by many as one of the most vocal and active lawmakers in the Senate, Senator Odebiyi has continued to ensure even representation, he protects, that defends and advances the will and interest of the people of Yewa-land.

Femi Salako wrote from Ogun State

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