Kosegbe: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness to Prophet Akinbiyi on His Birthday By TRIANGLE News Media


Kosegbe: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness to Prophet Akinbiyi on His Birthday

By TRIANGLE News Media

Beyond representing the proverbial cat with ine lives, his story could be likened to the biblical Joseph who inspite of persecutions and repeated onslaught yet emerged victorious and fulfilled destiny, even to the consternation of his traducers and foes.
The recent failed conspiracy against the indomitable God’s General, Prophet Oluwagbemiga Akinbiyi is a testimony of God’s unfailing presence around his own.

His landslide victory over satanic and false allegations bothering on adultery and vodooism is only one of those devil’s distractions to God’s beloveth that did not and cannot stand. After all, a clear conscience as, they say, fears no accusation. It was however inspiring and reassuring that the man of God had quickly suggested to the police that the alter should be dug out to put a lie to the unfortunate. The good news, however, is the fact that celebration is following the tribulation.

Today, all roads lead to CAC, Promise Land Prophetic Ministry, Akure, to commemorate and celebrate the birth commemoration for the General Overseer, one among God’s Generals who were not only called to service by God but who have distinguished themselves as vessels unto honour to Christ, Prophet Moses Promise Oluwagbemiga Akinbiyi.

A firebrand man of God is a figure who has continued to thrive and excel with a great deal of difference in spite of human hitches and needless controversies, surviving conspiracies, false allegations and other delibrate untruths designed to stop him by detractors.

For many, it is not a surprise that God is working signs and wonders through Prophet Akinbiyi. Here is a chosen one who never dreamt of becoming a minister of the gospel, whose early life desire was to become a chartered accountant like his late biological father, but who was more or less compelled by God to work for Him.

The Prophet would say ‘My case was like that of Jonah. However, it was in Lagos that God warned me through a revelation that if I refused to do His work, He will make me a cripple and still force me to do the work on wheel chairs. He added that He would use me to heal many people, but I would not be able to heal myself”.

It is without doubt that Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi has been a carrier of massive power of the Holy Spirit since God directed him to start C.A.C Promised Land Prophetic Ministry in Akure on August 19, 2007. The Ambassador of Christ has over the years constituted himself into a terror that has been tearing apart the devil’s empire. He has also survived quite a number of satanic machinations.

October 1st every year is a time for Nigerians to celebrate the independence of our country from the British imperialists. At the fourteenth edition of Nigeria’s independence, Mama Lucia Akinbiyi found herself in labour at Joan Hospital Ibadan to deliver a child. To God be the glory, a new baby was delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Oyegade Akinbiyi.

This immaculate prophet of God, who is celebrating his noble birth was born on the phenomena 1st October, 1974, is descendant of Samuel Awojulo Akinbiyi of Oke-Igbo in Ondo State, Nigeria. Oluwagbemiga Promise Akinbiyi descended from the lineage of warriors that established what is today known as Okeigbo in the present Ile-Oluji/ Okeigbo Local Government of Ondo State. He is a Product of the marriage between Ebenezer and Lucia Akinbiyi. Ebenezer Oyegade Akinbiyi was born in 1938 at No. 40, Ago-Ijebu street, Okeigbo.

His father, Samuel Awojulo Akinbiyi and his mother’s name was Oduyoowa. Ebenezer Oyegade Akinbiyi had the luxury of western Education at a tender age and was listed as one of the first Nigerians to become a Chartered Accountant. Late Ebenezer Oyegade Akinbiyi who got married to Lucia Olagbanke in 1963 was one of the leading philanthropist of his generation. Ebenezer Oyegade Akinbiyi, a chartered Accountant worked at the West African Drugs till his death on January 6,1979.

Growing up, many signs began to feature with impressions that the baby would be a special person. Even though Mama had being seeing some strange signs during pregnancy, her major one was an encounter she had with a prophet when she was on her way to Oritamerin Market in Ibadan. That Prophet instructed her to be steadfast in her faith because of one of her children.

Following this directive, Mama embarked on a seven days white fasting in a church-“Agbo Mimo Kristi” in Ibadan. It was in her sixth day of white fasting that mama collapsed due to exhaustion. What she saw during her attempted transition is also another confirmation that our lord God exists.

Another event that must be mentioned occurred when the baby (Oluwagbemiga) that as less than a year suddenly passed out thus throwing everybody into confusion. The leaders of the Church began to run around as prayers were offered to restore the baby to life. While this was going on, Mama stood by her faith. She was convinced that if the message that brought her to the church was from the lord the baby would be brought back to life.

A decision was later taken that the baby’s feet should be burnt with incense to force him back to life. Scars of the wound that little Gbenga suffered that day have become permanent marks on the legs of the Prophet The death of the little baby unsettled the family of Ebenezer Akinbiyi as he insisted that no lifeless child can be brought to his home. Eventually, the good Lord took all glory and restore Oluwagbemiga back to life after several hours.

Akinbiyi began a propituous academic career at St Luke’s Anglican Primary School and later proceeded to C.A.C primary school and St James primary school all in Okeigbo. He was later admitted to Okeigbo Grammer School but completed his education at Awopeju Community High School, Okeigbo.

Before Prophet Oluwagbemiga Promise Akinbiyi completed his secondary education, he had begun to see signs that some spiritual communications were in progress between him and his maker. By the time he completed secondary education, some men of God, specifically, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji of C.A.C Canaan land, Garage Olode and Baba Adufenijesu of C.A.C perfect in Oba Ile came to the conclusion that Gbenga should rather proceed to Bible school instead of a tertiary institution.

Thus, Gbenga Akinbiyi proceeded to the Prophetic & Evangelical School at Ilesha for pastoral training. His coming to serve at the pulpit is actually by providence as he had always wanted to be a chartered Accountant just like his late father.

At about one and half decade ago, Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi had a vision where he was jointly picking oranges with Pastor J.A Oluyi. He sought interpretation and was informed that the dream was simply leading him to pastoral duties. He struggled hard to achieve his childhood dream of becoming an accountant but had to succumb to the dictates of the Almighty God and that led him to the work of the kingdom in CAC Oke-Igbala, Oba-Ile for close to one decade.

However, his ministry has been a huge blessing to many individuals and it has helped lots of communities and institutions. Even know, he continues to prosper spiritually and affecting lives significantly with healings, helping and deliverance.

A spirit-filled spiritual leader and evident man of God, many citizens and believers alike, across the globe roll out the drums on this day that is peculiarly your own to celebrate the power and lustre of God in your life. We pray the God who has called you will continue to make his glory manifest in your life and ministry.

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