Kolawole Oluwaseyi Makes Bold To Add Greater Value To APC


Hon. Kolawole Oluwaseyi Makes Bold To Add Greater Value To APC

2023 General Elections gave Nigerians across the 36 states of the Federation the opportunity to witness the emergence of various stunning and brilliant politicians who went against the odds, putting their names forward to contest various political offices.

Even though many of them might not have won, however they have ushered in a great believe that given their youthfulness and proactiveness, it’s expected that these crop of brilliant young politicians will go on to hold the reins of the nation someday, heralding it into a new reality of positive change.

Among these crop of politicians is Hon. Oluwaseyi Joseph Kolawole who contested under the flag of the New Nigeria People’s Party in Akoko North West Constituency 1.

Even though he might have lost the election, he no doubt left an impressive mark in the minds of the people.

Leading his party to what was a memorable outing, he was not just able to present himself as a candidate but also a candidate with a vision for the people. During the course of the campaign period,the people got a glimpse of what he had to offer if given an opportunity.

And given his classical and amiable display of enviable qualities, his entrance into the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State which is the ruling party will no doubt open for him endless opportunities to impress.

He has all it takes to succeed, and given the largeness and wit of the APC, he will definitely have the room and much needed space to thrive and make impact among his people

Also, his addition with his numerous followers will add to the growing numbers of party faithfuls in the Constituency where Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo is already setting the pace for excellence.

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