Kingsley Kuku @53: Celebrating the Man born with Love


Kingsley Kuku @53: Celebrating the Man born with Love

One of the greatest gift you can ever offer humanity is goodness, and this can only be done by individuals who are made of love. Men who understands the true essence of life and seeks to use their existence to achieve this.

The above description fits the person of Dr. Kingsley Kuku who celebrates a new year today. On a day which is generally tied to love and to celebrating it, Kingsley Kuku though the years of his existence has shown and proven that he is built to love.

This reality has defined his selfless living, a look at his antecedents shows the profile of a man who has given his all for the advancement of his people.

He not only lives for himself, he lives to seeks the greater good of all and this is why the Arogbo born environmentalist has continued to work towards restoring peace to the Niger Delta region.

He is clearly a man that is palpably committed to fairness, equality and justice. Kuku is also a proven lover of good governance and quality service delivery. Patriotic qualities of Kuku and his preparedness to go the extra mile in pursuit of justice and just cause are factors that have evidently endeared him to the people of Niger Delta.

Kingsley Kemebradigha Kuku was born on Saturday, February 14, 1970 into the family of Kuku at Arogbo, the traditional headquarters of the Ijaw ethnic nation in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. The fact of being from a humble background did not prevent Kuku from fulfilling his actualizing his potentials. Through the grace of God, steady focus and dint of hard work, the former Chairman of Presidential Amnesty Programme has irreversibly crossed the boarder of poverty.

He was appointed as the Special Adviser on Niger Delta Affairs and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in January 2011. The appointment was an apparent reward for his years of
selfless commitment to the Niger Delta struggles. Kuku was once again reappointed by President Jonathan into same position in July 2011after the general elections.

He had promptly hit the ground running upon assumption of duty by rolling out plans that eventually transformed the lives of more than 30,000 former agitators. Kingsley Kuku also helped to restore peace to the Niger Delta, which correspondingly led to a marked increase in the daily output of Nigerian crude oil production. In real economic sense, this actually translated into several billions of dollars in oil revenue for Nigerian Federal Government.

Aside this, another major achievement of Kuku as the Chairman of Presidential Amnesty Programme was the immediate disarmament and demobilization of more than 30,000 former agitators.
This effort was doggedly and promptly followed up with the foundational training of the former combatants. It is noteworthy therefore that a good number of the trained former agitators have since graduated and turned out as highly responsible citizens that have also been giving back to their various societies.

It was to the credit of Dr Kingsley Kuku that a good percentage of the ex-agitators got enlisted in flight training schools at Oxford, England and in Lufthansa, Germany. He also ensured that some of the former agitators also undertook helicopter training in Italy. Notably, nearly all the ex-agitators that were enrolled for flight training have since became qualified pilots.

Among many other significant achievements recorded by the ever amazing Kingsley Kuku, the aforementioned lays great emphasis on the kind of person he is, men like him should be the reference point upon which we must enjoin others to borrow a leaf from.

With their continual existence among us, we can be rest assured that we would always have men who are ready to selflessly work the extra mile to bringing smiles to the faces of their people.

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