ILAJE NATION: Clarification on Political Positions in Ondo State


Press Statement

For Immediate Release

Date: July 5, 2023

ILAJE NATION: Clarification on Political Positions in Ondo State

The Ondo Concern Group, a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting unity and equitable representation in Ondo State, would like to address the ongoing discussions regarding political positions in the state, particularly within the Ilaje Nation.

We have observed the concerns raised by members of the Ilaje Nation regarding perceived marginalization and the clamor for various political posts, including the Governorship, Deputy Governorship, MD NDDC, and Ministerial positions. As a group committed to fostering inclusivity and fairness, we believe it is essential to seek clarity on these aspirations.

Therefore, we call upon the people of the Ilaje Nation to openly and unequivocally express their preferences among these political positions. It is important for the Ilaje Nation to provide a clear stance on which positions they seek representation in or if they aspire to occupy all the mentioned positions.

By clearly articulating their preferences, the Ilaje Nation will help foster transparency, eliminate misunderstandings, and promote effective dialogue within the political landscape of Ondo State. This will also enable stakeholders to work towards addressing any genuine grievances and ensuring adequate representation for all.

The Ondo Concern Group remains committed to supporting the aspirations of all communities in Ondo State. We encourage open dialogue, engagement, and the pursuit of peaceful resolutions to foster unity and development across the state.


Akin Akintunde
Public Relations Officer
Ondo Concern Group

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