How a mechanic impregnated mother and had sex with two daughters in Lagos.


How a mechanic impregnated mother and had sex with two daughters in Lagos.

The suspect tricked them to believe he can spiritually be helpful to the family.

The suspect, Monsuru Adesina confessed that the victims are all aware he was sleeping with them.

A 35-year-old mechanic identified as Monsuru Adesina, on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, confessed to impregnating a woman and defiling two of her daughters.
The unfortunate incident which happened at Iju Station area of Lagos State, Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government, had many residents lamenting.

Adesina who was nabbed by youths of the area afterwards, confessed to having canal knowledge of the teenage victims, saying it was with the consent of their mother and that he was only trying to help.

The victims said Adesina, 35, defiled both of them to the knowledge of their mother who’s four months pregnant for the suspect.

During an interaction with the teenagers aged between 13 and 19, Pulse learnt that Adesina tricked them to believe that if they don’t have sex with him, their brother who was ill will never get well, and one of them will run mad.
One of the victims, Opeyemi, 19, who summoned the courage to report the matter to neighbours in the area, told our correspondent that Adesina had been sleeping with the three of them (she, her sister, and their mother) in the same room, sometimes, in the presence of their mother.
Narrating how it all started with her, she said, “I stay in Ibadan with my father’s brother where I work as a teacher and I also learn fashion designing. Three weeks ago, my mum came in the company of this man (pointing at Adesina). They told me that her sister’s daughter wants to get married and I needed to be there. So, I packed my bag and followed them.
“Unknown to me, it was all a lie. When I got to Lagos, that was when the story changed. Adesina said that he had a vision that my paternal grandma is a witch and she is controlling my destiny spiritually. He said that if I want to be free of her, that he would have to sleep with me within three days or I would run mad.”

With tears in her eyes, Opeyemi said she didn’t want to but she eventually bowed to pressure from her mother.
“I was really worried and I told him I couldn’t sleep with him. I didn’t even know he was sleeping with my mother. I thought they were just friends. When the pressure became too much, I decided to do it because I didn’t want to run mad and I needed to return to Ibadan.
“Initially, Adesina said it would be a three-day spiritual cleansing where he would sleep with me. After the three days, he said that the cleansing had to continue for another week. He eventually slept with me for two weeks and a half. As I speak to you, I have missed my monthly cycle,” she added.
Opeyemi further explained that it was later she discovered that the same Adesina had ‘deflowered’ her 13-year-old sister, Morenikejiand he was also sleeping with their mother.

She said, “It was when I complained to my younger sister that I wasn’t comfortable with Adesina sleeping with me that she confessed that he had also been sleeping with her.”

In her version of events, 13-year-old Morenikeji said she agreed to sleep with Adesina when her younger brother, Peter, took ill and he said for Peter not to die, they need the blood of a virgin to save his life.
“After my dad died, my younger brother would fall sick for days. So, Adesina said he had a brother who was a herbalist. He spoke to the brother on the phone and said that Peter was under a spell. He said that if we want him to live, my mother should get the blood from the private part of her virgin daughter.
“My mother was reluctant because I was the virgin one and she asked if there were no other options. Adesina insisted that if we didn’t want Peter to die, we had to do it and he was the one to sleep with me.
“That was how Adesina slept with me and deflowered me. When he was done, he used a white cloth to clean me up. He slept with me morning, afternoon and evening for seven days, non-stop and he has been sleeping with me since then,” she narrated.

Bose, the mother of the teenage victims who is four months pregnant for the suspect, said she became close to him when her late husband fell sick and he was the one who took her to a spiritualist in Akufo, Ibadan.
“Adesina and I were just acquaintances until we became lovers. My late husband was sick when Adesina came into my life. He volunteered to take me to his brother, who is a spiritualist in Ibadan. But before he agreed to do that, he said he had to sleep with me. I told him that would not be possible because I had never cheated on my husband,” she said.
Bose further explained that when the pressure became much and her late husband’s health was deteriorating, she had to give-in to Adesina’s request.
“The first time we had sex, I was on my period. We eventually went to Ibadan to see the spiritualist and he gave me some concoctions to use on my husband. I did but there was no improvement. Eventually, my husband died,” she narrated.
According to her, Adesina didn’t allow her to attend her late husband’s burial.

She said, “I didn’t go to my husband’s burial. He warned me not to go because I would be attacked spiritually and also suffer the same fate as my husband.”
When asked if she was aware that Adesina was sleeping with both her daughters, she said yes.
She said, “I knew he was sleeping with them but I was helpless. My youngest child, Peter, was sick and Adesina said that his spiritualist uncle told him that the only way the boy would live was for him to get the blood of a daughter of mine, who was a virgin. I begged him to look for other options but he said there was none. So, I had to tell my daughter to allow him.”
The suspect has been handed over to policemen attached to Abattoir Police Station in Oko Oba, Agege area of the state .

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