Hon Olusola Moses is Committed to the PDP



It is no longer news that the leadership of the APC in Ward 9, Oba-Ile, led by Hon. Saka Ogunleye, paid me a visit earlier today, commending my peaceful campaign and asking me to accept in good faith, the outcome of the last House of Assembly election, in which I was the PDP candidate. The visiting team has since gone on the social media misrepresenting what transpired during the visit.

I therefore wish to make it categorical that my commitment to my party, the PDP, is absolute.

While it’s true that INEC has declared a winner in that election that was compromised and fell short of expectation in some polling units, my party and I, are studying the result, and an official statement will be made soon.

As a candidate of the party, the wishes and aspirations of my beloved PDP remains sacrosanct.

The political rumour making the rounds that I am being wooed or lobbied to join the APC should be disregarded. I remain focussed and undistracted.

That I will be decamping to the APC, a party that cannot point to anything remarkable as an achievement in almost 8yrs, is like muddling one’s political image and reputation.
I wish to make it expressly clear to the rumour mongers and fake news peddlers that my teaming supporters and I, remain committed to the PDP and to the political wellbeing of our people.

I make bold to submit that the PDP is better than their APC in every way conceivable.

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