Hon. Ifeanyi Chudy Momah @38: Celebrating a Rainbow amongst Men


A community will always rejoice and blare their horns and cymbals to celebrate a good son of the soil, one who they not only identified with but also proudly call theirs. Hon. Ifeanyi Chudy Momah to the ancient community of Ihiala, Anambra State is another golden egg amongst them who have risen beyond the chores of the community to leading them into a new reality propelled by his genuine love to change the narrative for the better.

Ifeanyi Chudy Momah, member House of Representative, representing Ihiala Federal Community and Chairman of the House Committee on Federal Capital Territory reaches another milestone as he celebrates his thirty-eight years’ birthday anniversary; it is thus refreshing to see the brilliant and ever proactive Hon. Ifeanyi Chudy Momah thriving and excelling in all his chosen endeavors, for an individual who have dedicated his existence even at a very tender age to community growth and national development, they do deserve a special space on the pages of our shared national history.

This is because amongst his contemporary, he has chosen to be different and outstanding, he has decided to walk a path which will see him build a name for himself that will in the distant future rank high with the names of men who have given their lives and existence for the greater good of all. He had his early life in Festac Town, Lagos State where he attended Radius Nursery and Primary School before attending Loral International School in Festac. He would later proceed to Chrisland College in Lagos to have and complete his secondary school education.

He also attended the University of Lagos where he studied Law and would later proceed to the University of Aberdeen, Scotland where he did a legal proficiency course in International Jurisprudence Law. He subsequently returned to Nigeria where he was called to the bar after attending the Nigerian Law School in Bwari Abuja.

His professional experience has seen him work in various capacities, he practiced law with Rickey Tarfa & Co Chambers for three years and later worked with Arthur Obi-Okafor (SAN) and Co Chambers in Asana.

He also functioned as. The Assistant Director of legal affairs and the personal legal assistant to the formal Executive Secretary of SURE-P Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo, a platform which afforded him the opportunity to reach out and engage the youths of Ihiala Local Government.

He also served Governor Willie Obiano as a Senior Special Adviser on political matters before proceeding to contest the 2019 general election where he won. It’s worthy to note that he had on two different occasions contested but lost, his strong will and determination to serve his people spurred him never to drop his pursuit. His emergence in the green chamber where he is representing his people has not only inspired youths in his community to strive for excellence, it has also served as a platform for him to continually advance the lot of his people, repositioning them for more growth and development.

He has continually used policy making as a tool to bringing about effective positive change to the socio-economic outlook of his community; he owns a strong voice in the house which he has continually use to bringing to the forefront of our national discourse. Ifeanyi Chudy Momah is also a strong Advocate of youth inclusion in governance and has constantly lead the advocacy for youth empowerment in his constituency and nation at large.

He represents one of the finest breed of youths in governance today, one with the right and much needed capacity to bring effective change to the nation, the future of the nation rest on the shoulders of brilliant mind like him who have in them an unalloyed and undisputed sense of patriotism for the nation.

Nigeria no doubt is filled with a great array of youths who have dedicated themselves to the path of progress, in the midst of the numerous socio-economic challenges in the nation, they have in all walks of life proven themselves to be resilient, proactive and dedicated to etching for themselves a name and a legacy, one fit enough to inspire the younger generation to aim higher. It is the hope of the people of Ihiala community and Nigerians at large that bright minds like Hon. Ifeanyi Chudy Momah continue to thrive and grow within and outside the circles of our socio-political realities.

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