Hon. Barr. Felix Afe’s Impact on Akoko Northwest Constituency 2


Celebrating One Year of Progress: Hon. Barr. Felix Afe’s Impact on Akoko Northwest Constituency 2

The vibrant community of Akoko Northwest Constituency 2 is basking in a wave of optimism and gratitude as they celebrate the first anniversary of Hon. Barrister Felix Afe’s tenure in office. In just one year, Hon. Afe has not only fulfilled his campaign promises but has also initiated numerous projects that have significantly uplifted the constituency.

A key highlight of Hon. Afe’s achievements is his ambitious plan to install solar-powered street lights across the constituency. This initiative, aimed at enhancing security by reducing criminal activities that thrive under the cover of darkness, has been met with widespread approval. The solar lights symbolize a beacon of hope and progress, illuminating both the streets and the futures of the constituents.

Hon. Afe’s first year in office has been marked by a series of impactful actions, starting with his generous distribution of N4 million to 400 constituents in December 2023. This gesture of appreciation not only reinforced the trust placed in him by the electorate but also demonstrated his commitment to sharing the dividends of democracy.

As the Chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Industry, Hon. Afe has shown a remarkable dedication to economic empowerment and youth employment. Among his notable achievements are:

  • Securing employment for two youths at the Ondo State Internal Revenue Service.
  • Providing two motorcycles and a saw machine to constituents, enhancing their economic activities.
  • Assisting five youths in securing jobs in the Ondo State health sector.
  • Facilitating teaching positions for ten youths in the state’s education sector.
  • Sponsoring the education of two youths abroad, thereby investing in the constituency’s future leaders.
  • Placing three National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members at Ilemopo Comprehensive High School, Irun Akoko, and providing them with stipends since January 2024.

Hon. Afe’s dedication to education and youth empowerment is particularly commendable. By investing in the professional and academic growth of young people, he is laying a solid foundation for sustained development in the constituency.

In his own words, Hon. Afe expressed a heartfelt commitment to his constituents: “To whom much is given, much is expected. I promised inclusive and good representation during my campaign, and I reiterate my commitment to serving and representing our people the very best I can. This is just a year in office; more dividends of good representation are coming. I believe we will all benefit with time.”

As Hon. Afe marks his first year in office, the people of Akoko Northwest Constituency 2 are filled with hope and anticipation for the future. His achievements thus far have set a high benchmark for effective and inclusive representation. The community’s unwavering support and prayers underscore a mutual dedication to progress and prosperity.

Indeed, Hon. Barr. Felix Afe’s first year in office has been a testament to his vision, dedication, and the tangible impacts of good governance. The journey ahead promises even more advancements and collective growth, reinforcing the belief that with steadfast leadership, the best is yet to come.

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