Genesis Denies Rumour of Threat To Dissociate From Celestial Church By Triangle Media


Genesis Denies Rumour of Threat To Dissociate From Celestial Church

The Shepard in Charge of C.C.C Genesis Global, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe has vehemently denied the news on social media and the conventional media platforms that he plans to dissociate his ministry from the National body of Celestial Church of Christ (C.C.C).

Pastor Ogundipe made this clarification in a statement on Sunday in Lagos. He described the news as not only fake, but totally unfounded. Genesis added that he was shell shocked to have read the unfounded news of his threat to break away from the National fold of Celestial Church of Christ (C.C.C)
which is under the able leadership of Reverend Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa.

The statement read in part: “First of all, let me quickly say that I did not at any time or in any guise make a statement that I was quitting the Celestial Church of Christ (C.C.C). Rather, I have been an active member and will always reaffirm my commitment to the Church under the leadership of our Rev Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa”.

Pastor Ogundipe also cleared the air on issue of alleged spiritual desecration of a seat meant for SBJ Oshoffa by Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku. The statement read, “This incidence happened during our recently concluded Adult Harvest. I need to clarify that it was not that we ushered Cardinal Odunmbaku to the seat in question. As a matter of fact, I was busy with other activities during the program when he arrived and I did not notice where he sat until he was already seated. However, considering the age and position of Cardinal Odunmbaku in the Celestial Church, it could amount to a huge disrespect if I asked him to get up from where he was already seated. In all sincerity, I was apparently confused and handicapped at this point.”

Also, on the allegation of stage performance by the Fuji music icon, King Wasiu Ayinde in the church during the Adult Harvest, the statement explained: “I need to also clarify that we did not invite Kwam1 as a guest artiste during our harvest as being spread in the media. My relationship with the Fuji icon actually predates the time of our Adult Harvest. I met Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde in a particular function recently and he promised to come to our harvest to celebrate with us because of his belief in the grace of God upon my life. He chose to come out of his free volition and because of his relationship with C.C.C at the early stage of his life. I could not have told him not to come. More importantly, I need to clarify we did not pay Wasiu Ayinde a dime for his performance. He told me that he really desires to be a part of the Genesis Global Family due to our years of beneficial spiritual relationship. He did attend the Adult Harvest and only sang a number of praise songs to God in appreciation of great things being experienced in Genesis Global Family”.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ogundipe has emphasized his readiness and preparedness to appear before the Council of C.C.C either at Ketu or Imeko if invited. “I am readily open to corrections. It is also important that I make the true picture of what transpired known. Above all, I can never grow too big to ever contemplate the thought of dissociating myself or ministry from the fold of C.C.C. Those behind this fake news are only out for mischief. Moreso, those in the Council are my fathers and uncles that I am always prepared to prostrate and beg for forgiveness if at all I have committed any Wrongdoing”, added Ogundipe.

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