Fostering Economic Growth and Investment: Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit


Fostering Economic Growth and Investment: Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit

The Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit, organized by the Ondo State Government under the guidance of Engr. Razaq Obe, the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and Honourable Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, is poised to be a transformative event that showcases the investment potential and opportunities in Ondo State. With the State’s international partners being the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme, the summit aims to attract investors across various sectors and promote Ondo State as a desirable investment destination.

The summit aligns with the “One Administration” principle of the Ondo State Government, emphasizing the need for seamless coordination and collaboration among stakeholders.

To achieve this, the Performance and Project Monitoring Implementation Unit (PPIMU), led by Engr. Babajide Akeredolu, played a pivotal role in planning and orchestrating a positive synergy among all key stakeholders. Their comprehensive strategy, inspired by the United Nations General Assembly Approach, ensured that the summit adhered to international standards and garnered support from local and international participants.

The General Objectives of Develop Ondo include attracting investments across various sectors, promoting the state’s strategic advantages, facilitating networking among investors, government officials, and industry experts, and showcasing ongoing initiatives and policies aimed at fostering a conducive investment climate.

Prominent sectors that the summit aims to promote for investment in Ondo State include agriculture and agribusiness, blue economy, mining and solid minerals, manufacturing and industrialization, renewable energy, and tourism and hospitality. These priority sectors represent Ondo State’s vast potential for growth and development and serve as key pillars in attracting investments.

The summit’s success in attracting potential investors has been promising, with previous editions yielding notable investments and success stories. Through various initiatives and incentives, the state government has worked diligently to create a conducive investment climate. These measures include simplified business registration and licensing processes, investment-friendly policies and regulations, and the establishment of industrial parks and special economic zones.

The Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit will feature prominent speakers, panelists, and industry experts from diverse sectors. The event will offer ample networking opportunities for attendees to connect with potential investors, industry peers, government representatives, and other stakeholders. Additionally, local entrepreneurs and small businesses will have the chance to showcase their ventures and explore partnerships through the summit’s exhibition.

The summit is expected to be a beacon of hope for economic growth and prosperity in Ondo State, with the concerted efforts of the PPIMU, the LOC, and various stakeholders. As investors and industry experts converge at the Dome Conference Centre, Akure, from 24th to 26th July 2023, Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit signifies a significant step towards realizing Ondo State’s aspirations for sustainable development and progress.

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