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Failed Conspiracy Against Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi


Prophet Oluwamigbenga Akinbiyi, the General Overseer of C.A.C Promise Land Prophetic Ministry, Akure has been in the news lately as regards false allegations of adultery and buried placenta and charms in his church alter. A clear conscience as they say fears no accusation. The firebrand man of God had quickly suggested to the police that the alter should be dug out to put a lie to the false allegations.

The satanic lie of adultery and buried placenta in his church alter was sold to the public by a certain Abiodun John, who had been expelled from the church as an evangelist. It was reliably gathered that Abiodun was expelled on account of proven cases of fraud and adultery.

It has been revealed that Abiodun John and a lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University conspired to operate a cloned fictitious name of Fausat Awelewa on the official social media platform of the church. The cloned name was used to malign and accuse Prophet Akinbiyi of sleeping with Fausat Awelewa which caused uproar that led to the exit of some members from the church.

Meanwhile, the truth about the blackmail was unearthed when the church decided to engage a detective who detected that
Fausat Awelewa never existed. The detective also revealed that the Abiodun John had been the person operating the cloned account with the sole intention of blackmailing the church. Good enough, the names and phone numbers of other persons that were involved in the blackmail and cloned social media account were likewise exposed.

As expected, the case of blackmail through a cloned social media account was promptly reported at the police Command Headquarters, Akure. Severity of the case had necessitated its transfer to the AIG’s office in Osogbo from Akure. However, the case was withdrawn and settled as Christians after some dignitaries had stepped in. Moreso, Prophetic Akinbiyi had also stoically took the satanic blackmail orchestrated by Abiodun John as part of his cross in the ministry. In his words : “These are some of the challenges Jesus Christ said we would face. He has forewarned us that if the people could persecute Him, that they would do more to us. The tribulations must surely come; those who know where they are going and want to be great in life must take tribulations with joy”.

Meanwhile, truth eventually overtook many lies of Abiodun John when Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi stood his ground by insisting that the church alter must he dug by the police in the full glare of everyone. Sadly, Abiodun John failed to show up on the agreed date to dig the church alter. Another date of Tuesday, September 10, 2019 was chosen by the Commissioner of police for the digging. To the shame of unconscionable blackmailers and liars from the pit of hell, no fetish item or placenta was found when the church alter was dug on the new date.

The evil resolve of Abiodun John to bring down the ministry of his benefactor and spiritual mentor, Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi is nonetheless very disheartening. The same Abiodun John had been living with Prophet Akinbiyi since when he was about 21 years of age.
In the words of Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi: “I took him in with the intention of making him lead a good life. At a time, his elder brother and I lived in the same compound as co-tenants. I never gave up on him; I believed God could change his life for the better, especially, as I adjudged his entire misdemeanors as youthful exuberance”.

The ungodly character of repaying good with evil as manifested by Abiodun John might be a good reason why many people of goodwill are no linger encouraged to extend helping hands to those that are in dire need. It was also gathered that Abiodun John became an evangelist of the gospel after some years of spiritual grooming by Prophet Akinbiyi.

Sad enough, the ungodly nature of Abiodun John manifested when he impregnated the housemaid of a church member. He was thereafter found guilty of the offence by the Church Disciplinary Committee. He was expelled from the church as a result of the guilty verdict passed on him by the Church Disciplinary Committee. However, some members of Promise Land Prophetic Ministry pleaded on behalf of Abiodun John that he should be placed on probation until he would turn a new leaf. This plea was taken by the church as the expulsion was changed to a suspension in addition to being demoted to the status of an ordinary member.

Abiodun John was later reabsorbed into the pastorate of C.A.C Promise Land Prophetic Ministry after showing a reasonable level of remorsefulness. The church also went a step further by helping him to get married in a bid to put a stop to his amorous advances to ladies within and outside of the church. Abiodun John was afterwards elevated and transferred to Ondo town as the Branch Head of the church. Unfortunately, he could not hide his ungodly nature for too long as his church headquarters soon became inundated with complaints about him. Abiodun John was again summoned to face the Disciplinary Committee for the second time within a short while. He did confess to all the allegations leveled against him and was eventually expelled as an evangelist from the C.A.C Promise Land Prophetic Ministry.

It is not surprising therefore that God is working signs and wonders through Prophet Akinbiyi. He never
dreamt of becoming a minister of the gospel; rather, his early life desire was to become a chartered accountant like his late biological father. He was more or less compelled by God to work for Him. According to Prophet Akinbiyi: “My case was like that of Jonah. However, it was in Lagos that God warned me through a revelation that if I refused to do His work, He will make me a cripple and still force me to do the work on wheel chairs. He added that He would use me to heal many people, but I would not be able to heal myself”.

It is without doubt that Prophet Gbenga Akinbiyi has been a carrier of massive power of the Holy Spirit since God directed him to start C.A.C Promised Land Prophetic Ministry in Akure on August 19, 2007. The Ambassador of Christ has over the years constituted himself into a terror that has been tearing apart the devil’s empire. He has also survived quite a number of satanic machinations, which include the latest blackmail launched against him and many other demonic attacks to the glory of God.

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