Faboyede: Extolling a Seasoned Party Buider, Mobiliser


Faboyede: Extolling a Seasoned Party Buider, Mobiliser


This subject has since been described as the builder. Recents events, particularly those post-dating the last gubernatorial election in the sunshine state. The man popular and preferred more for his sibroquet “FABO” has done so much to solidify his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Fabo, through his innate mobibilisation, oratorial skills and strategic deployment of
resources, has consistently kept the party afloat at critical and testing tes, including seasons of dauting challenges for the party. Even during the turbulent electoral tribulations in the build up to the last governoship election, Faboyede remained unswerving and steadfast.

He answers Clement Olasehinde Faboyede. A personable figure with oratory prowess, his strides both in politics and public service brought him to the limelight and he has since been in sheen, doing himself and political tent proud. FABO, no doubt is a well cooked personality whose ideas and offerings have helped in getting answers for personal and political pursuits.

His story puts a truth to the axiom: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness
thrust upon them. For Faboyede, achieving greatness by cheer hardwork and determination appears to be his own springboard. Having faced and scaled tough times, risen through the rungs to achieve a voice for himself, his impacts and affectations have been indellible.

A gift to humanity, the illustrious and consequential Clement Olasehinde was into the bosom of Olorunsomo Faboyede’s family of Igbara Oke, a suburb near Akure in the Central Senatorial District of Ondo State. It was an unquenchable qhappiness that glowed brightly on the faces of both Dad and Mum that God had answered their prayers again.

The father, a living peasant farmer, and his late mother was a petty trader. Normally she helped her husband too necessarily in toiling the land. Theretofore Sehinde as he’s wont called by the family came from what could be termed ‘average family.’ Nonetheless he fitted into a growing achiever. A plus. Along the line too he’s been showered with greatness. No doubt he’s living to achieving much greater things as a destiny child.

Personable and unassuming, loving, generous, knowledgeable and hardworking,
Faboyede’s love for grassroot started right from home when he would wish to go with his parents to the farm rather than started school. The ‘lotus’ was the bush meat which he so much cherished and which was readily made available as his father; dexterious in hunting, was nicknamed – ‘Apa ma je tana’ (one who hunts and eat fresh bush meat everyday).

He’s home grown; a grassrooter. His knowledge of the traditional set up of his environs coupled with his love and interest in folktale which encompassed dancing/singing made him a welcome cynosure – boy among his peers at home and eventually in school after conviction from his step mother whom he’s so bestowed with; that knowledge is power. His non-native teachers also found in him a courier of knowledge about Igbara-Oke’s traditional set up/stories. He never disappointed.

His school days was replete with great destimonies- very good in all spheres – curricular and extra co- curricular. He passed out in flying colours; both Primary and High Schools. His University days at Ife were also in tandem with hitherto his brilliance. The University passed through him as he became more matured. He became leader of Youth Vanguard duing this period and monitored native politics.

That love he’s gotten back with farming and the perk from edibles must have lured him as he became an Agricultural Engineer.
His love for his people back home made him had a short stint at his job after graduation; in the Tractor Hiring Unit of the Ondo State Ministry of Agriculture before he delved into politics. He wined and dined with his elders in politics. His knowledge in native politics earlier before in life came handy. He became one of the native’s think-tank.

FABO had attained the position of a Field Supervisor though before he left government job where he maintained a robust high standards of commitment. His precedence in good ability and comport stared him out in the organization. He’s loved by all; bosses, colleagues, subordinates and customers alike. His mien to carry the tractors’ driver along optimally and induced good maintenance culture of tools increased monetary gain to the unit he handled. He knew his onions. He gathered experience.

Clement Faboyede, who at 37, was elected in 2009 as Executive Chairman of Ifedore Local Government, left enduring legacies- Faithfulness with Workers’ Salaries – paid promptly, Chairman’s Quarters, 500 Capacity Hall, Maternity Centres, IGR (Internal Generated Revenue – unprecedented (from N5,000 weekly before his assumption of office to N50,000 and N200,000 monthly), and Well Maintained Tractors. The workers turned work into play enthusiastically. They became proactive and more productive. The wheel of progress in the Local Government became well oiled.

Even as a commisioner whose tenure personified progressive attainments, tongues still wag up till the present day, since his landmarks remained unbeatable and his legacies exemplary.

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