Eyitayo JEGEDE : A Candle That Illuminates Akure Kingdom


Eyitayo JEGEDE : A Candle That Illuminates Akure Kingdom

Today we celebrate an icon among us, a man truly loved by the people, one with a breathtaking amazing personality which endears both the young and old, rich and poor towards him; it’s such a delightful sight to see you continue to thrive in all you do.

Consciously and unconsciously, you have impacted lives, putting smiles on their faces with your ever amiable personality.

The ancient town of Akure was left illuminated with your gentle smile which sends a ray of hope to all and sundry.

You are a man with great intellectual wit coupled with an unrivalled leadership qualities which makes you stand aloft amongst your contemporaries.

Indeed the Divine had blessed us for sending a man like you to us at this much needed time, we trust your capacity to lead us, we remain loyal to your vision and mission.

It’s our intense hope that even as you celebrate your 60th birthday anniversary, may the Divine bless you in all you do, your days are blessed and may you never lose relevance.

Today we, celebrate an icon, an exemplary being amongst us, cheers to the new year and the years ahead

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