Expensive : A Beacon Of Hope For Akure By TRIANGLE News Media


Expensive : A Beacon Of Hope For Akure

By TRIANGLE News Media

Things are undoubtedly beginning to look good for Akure, the capital of Ondo State in recent time. One of the best things to have recently happened to Akure North/South Federal Constituency was the election of Hon. Isaac Adedayo Omolafe as a member to represent the constituents at the Lower Chamber of the 9th National Assembly.

The overwhelming victory of Expensive at the polls without doubt served as a confirmation of his exceeding goodwill. He has consistently identified with the people of Akure while in office as a Local Government Chairman and more importantly, when he no longer enjoy any form of political patronage. Omolafe is an uncommon politician that symbolizes love, compassion, warm friendship, consistency and unyielding commitment. He has an unusual way of connecting with his people, particularly the have not in Akure North/South Federal Consistency.

The quantum of goodwill already amassed over the years by Adedayo Omolafe has turned him to an enigma with cult like followers within and outside of Akure metropolis. The burning desire of the federal lawmaker to always impact the lives of people and wipe their tears turned out to be a factor that swayed victory not only in his favour, but that of all candidates of his party, PDP during the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections. The resounding victory of PDP in both Akure North and Akure South Local Government Areas at the last election could at best be described as a bountiful harvest of goodwill by Expensive.

Hon. Adedayo Omolafe is not someone that will ever allow political office to put a wedge between him and the common people of his federal constituency. Rather, his election as a member of the House of Representatives is to be seen as a vista of hope and better platform for Expensive to further champion the cause of the commoners amongst his constituents. He has perceived his election as an avenue to push for for common good of his constituents through quality representation that is people oriented and people focused. Notwithstanding the fact that Expensive has endeared himself to the constituents of Akure North/South Federal Constituency, he is however not prepared to rest on his oars as far as politics of passionate compassion is concerned. He had since been benchmarked in Akure as a reference point of performance and extreme kindness to a point of self dissatisfaction.

Omolafe is someone that love to always be in the midst of his people. He can best be described as a man of the people due to his hunger to always rush down to Akure, even when other lawmakers like him would prefer to get holed up in the comfort of Abuja. He truly understand the ways and wants of his people due to the fact of always living in their midst. Omolafe is already working on his constituency office that is expected to serve as a meeting place for continuous interactions by his constituents. He has also perfected plans to use the platform of National Assembly to reenact the policy of communal assistance for entrepreneurial development amongst his people. He is also already thinking outside the box to ensure that the presence of federal government is felt by the constituents of Akure North/South Federal Constituency.

An average Akure man and woman will always make reference to the time of Adedayo Omolafe when he served as the Chairman of Akure South, the biggest and busiest Local Government in Ondo State. The people are till date still yearning for the reenactment of such a glorious era. This was a time when Expensive facilitated Youth Empowerment Programmes for over 300 beneficiaries and made Revolving Loan of 6million naira available to the market women. The people would never forget the fact that he tarred over 26 kilometers of roads in Akure township and also awarded Africola to Aponmu road for Construction. The people of Akure are till date still very grateful to Omolafe for awarding scholarships and giving bursary to indigent and deserving students in the metropolis.

It was to the credit of Adedayo Omolafe that he built units of three Bed-Room Flats at Ondo road, a block of 6 classroom school at Orita Obele Estate, Ultra-Modern Motor Park with over 180 lock up shops at Oke Ijebu, Neighborhood Markets at Isolo, Odopetu, Ijoka and Oke -Lisa and Comprehensive Health Centre along Danjuma road in Isinkan. It was also to the credit of Expensive that he was able to make provision of Toyota Hilux patrol vehicles to police formations in Akure. He also made donations of official vehicles and ensured enhanced welfare package for traditional rulers in Akure South. Above all, he was able to leverage on participatory democracy to foster true development in Akure as a whole.

Hon. Omolafe is resolutely determined to break new grounds of accomplishments and deliver unprecedented quality legislation to ensure better living for his constituents. He is committed to legislative interventions that will translate to communal growth and likewise facilitate the needed nexus between the constituents and government. He has resolved to leverage on the legislative window provided by the National Assembly to facilitate empowerment programmes for both skilled and unskilled constituents of Akure North/South Federal Constituency.
Above all, Expensive has chosen to hold Periodic Stewardship Forum which is expected to strengthen political bond between him and the constituents. This Periodic Stewardship Forum will definitely be the first of its kind by any federal lawmaker in Akure North/South Federal Constituency.

The robust plan of Adedayo Omolafe for schools in his federal constituency is deserving of commendation, even before he begins to forge ahead with the execution. The resolve of Expensive to make education a point of attraction for development in Akure metropolis has informed his decision to provide schools in the federal constituency with teaching aids materials and other facilities that will enhance learning by the students. He also plan to give deserving priority attention to scholarship scheme and bursary for students in Akure North/South Federal Constituency.

Akure metropolis and the constituents of Akure North/South Federal Constituency could be counted very lucky at this time for having Hon. Isaac Adedayo Omolafe as their representative. Aside being an unrepentant friend and lender of helping hand to the masses over the years, the fact that he has a knack for building men and assisting constituents in whatever way possible to the point of overreaching himself; is a pointer that Akure is very lucky to have gotten it right this time.

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