Disclaimer: Plot to Suspend Our Credible Members


*Disclaimer: Plot to Suspend Our Credible Members

It has come to our attention, the rumours circulating that *Hon. Falaye Abiodun, Mr Fanibuyan Oluwole and other distinguished members of the party who are not in Hon Saka Yusuf group have been suspended by the EXCOS of APC ward 4 Igbatoro Akure North LG.
We would like to make it very clear that these rumours are entirely false as spread by the unscrupulous, self-centered, selfish and untruthful elements who feel these individuals are threat to their political ambition. Their motive is to destroy any group different from Saka group in Akure North. They Lured some of our innocent ward 4 executives to sign against their wishes in disguise of Local government election logistics.

It was reported that Mr. Simbo Akinola and Ijalade Wale Chappelle were used to compel some few ward 4 executives to sign suspension notice of Hon Faleye Abiodun, Hon Oluwole Fanibuyan among others for antiparty activities during the last election in his NEPA office.

He that live in glass house should not throw stones, people with evil intentions are always of the thought that others are like them. They are the ones that actually committed antiparty because they didn’t even deliver their Wards for the party. What explanations can they give to justify that?
Their plans are to create problems in ward 4, igbatoro, Akure North Lg, GOD forbid. We, the executives of the APC ward 4 are affirmatively saying to the Party Apex leaders and the General Public that at no time do we intend or planning to suspend any members of the APC party. There was no antiparty activity in our ward in the last election and those planning disunity in the party should desist from it. Evil shall at all times consume those that perpetrated devilish atrocities.

We will like to point the attention of the Party Leadership and the General Public to the move by Hon Simbo Akinola, Mr Ijalade Wale Chappelle and others who said they were taking instructions From Hon Saka Yusuf Ogunleye telling them to set up a committee to indict anyone who is not in their group, especially those in Alasoadura group. They deceived the EXCOS in our Ward to come and sign for the creation of the new Local Government . Not knowing they wanted to use their signatures dubiously, some signed innocently while others refused to sign but demanded the memo that back it up.

We categorically deny these rumours that we have signed any document purporting to suspend any of the aforementioned individuals

We are dedicated to serving our people, and we will continue to do so with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We urge the The chairman of our great party (APC) Ondo State Engr.Ade Adetimehin, Our local Government chairman Mr Eleti, all leaders in the state and public to disregard any information intending to witch-hunt the aforementioned individuals. We are aware that false information can cause unnecessary confusion and undermine the corporation and unity of our ward. So we condemn any attempt to spread such.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


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