Day Senator Odebiyi Made Constituents Smile through Scorlarship Giving By Femi SALAKO


Day Senator Odebiyi Made Constituents Smile through Scorlarship Giving


Tolu Odebiyi, before this time, has been a strong household brand, but even recently, it has now taken a new spellling in the Gateway state, reverberating across the nooks and crannies of the state, and dominating space in the media as one forceful and powerful discuss.

Odebiyi is the Senator representing Ogun West District, whose conducts since elevtion has become a point of reference in political leadership. Before he was elected Senator of the Federal Republic, his deeds has always been alluring to constituents, and it is therefore no suprise that as Senator his outing has been splendid.

Only recently, Odebiyi created a new record in empowerment by giving scholarship to 54 deserving students from the five local governments that made up Ogun West who are in tertiary institutions. The colourful and
impressive ceremony held in Ilaro left so many wonderning the manner of political leader who cares so well about the welfare of the underdogs.

Senator Odebiyi’s philantrophy did not start with his new job as senator. For those who know, giving and helping has been an innate part of his personality right from time. What is particularly intriguing about his recent donation is the fact that each of the scholarship awardees takes One hindred thousand (N100k) every year till the end of their tertiary education. This gesture has no doubt set a new tone among the residents of Ogun West District constituency.

Altrustic Odebiyi cares so passionately about the people, particularly in this season of difficult economic experience, so that no student in Ogun West, or else elsewhere should be deprived of the right to education on account of the inability of their parents to fund their education.

What is more? The sterling Senator is not stopping at giving yearly financial fillip, he has taken the game a bit further by equally engaging the government of the federation to help to support more deserving members of his constituency. And now, he had secured the nod of the federal government to sponsor two students from the district who are interested in pursuing their master and Doctoral degrees.

Senator Tolu Odebiyi, who told the people quite clearly that the yearly concession would be for four the next years, that is lasting throughout his tenure as senator has got constituents pouring praises and prayers on him for this impactful gesture. The loud laudation is coming from all corners, including the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount Ruler of Yewaland, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle who said his elation for the development.

The Senator is evidently concerned about securing the future of the younger ones by investing in them educationally. He is doing the gesture to also encourage the students to concentrate on their studies, believing that education remains the bedrock to the success of any nation, and hence should be accorded a pride of place.

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