Dame Beatrice Akinwunmi
Celebrates 70th Birthday In Grandeur


Dame Beatrice Akinwunmi
Celebrates 70th Birthday In Grandeur

The city of Akure was set aglow by guests from far and near on Saturday, July 23, 2023 as Dame Beatrice Akinwunmi joined the league of septuagenarian. The momentous event was celebrated in a manner that befit person of the celebrant. She is of course that is someone generally known for her excellent moral standing, religious devotion and lasting impacts on humanity.

Madam Beatrice breathed the first air of this earthly planet on Sunday, July 22, 1953. She has ever since devoted her life to selfless service of God and humanity. In her characteristic manner of gratitude to God, she commenced the 70th birthday with a thanksgiving service at Christ the King Catholic Church in Alagbaka G.R.A, Akure. The septuagenarian was surrounded at the thanksgiving service by members of her immediate and extended families as well as her friends and associates.

Episcopal glamour was added to the 70th birthday thanksgiving of Dame Beatrice as the church service was officiated by array of esteemed clergymen that were ably led by His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyeken and several other respected church leaders. The service commenced at the noon time with an entrance hymn that enveloped the church atmosphere with unspeakable joy. In the course of the thanksgiving service, a touching prayer of the faithful was read by the grandchildren of madam Beatrice Akinwunmi.

The church thanksgiving service took a heartwarming dimension when it was time for offering. All the invited guests danced and sang as they cheerfully contributed to the financial pledge of the celebrant to the church. The pledge was nonetheless a quite thoughtful one by Dame Beatrice to a sanctuary of God that is very dear to her heart.

During the time of the thanksgiving proper, the septuagenarian danced radiantly to show genuine gratitude to the Lord. She equally used the occasion to express most sincere gratitude to her family and friends for their immense support.

A vote of thanks was given by the
eldest son of madam Beatrice. He sincerely thanked the adorable Dame for the motherly love and support given to all her children. He likewise thanked all the invited guests as well as the officiating ministers that shared in the 70th birthday joy of adorable Beatrice Akinwunmi.

Entertainment of guests was held at the at the Dome Event Center. Guests were deservedly entertained at the party by the multiple award winning musician, Yinke Ayefele. What seemed like an icing on the reception cake was the presence of the duo of MC Goldens Star and Seyi Law that both served as the Masters of Ceremony for the event.

Madam Beatrice however betrayed her 70 years of age when she made a grand entry into the reception venue with her dance steps which displayed grace and enthusiasm. Emotional highpoint of the event was when the celebrant stepped forward to cut her birthday cake. In line with Biblical blessing, Dame Beatrice was surrounded by all her children and grandchildren. This was undoubtedly a moment that Mama Akinwunmi will continue to cherish for decades to come.

Dame Beatrice later stepped to the danced floor where she danced with her friends and loved ones. Evidence of God’s grace in the life of mama could not be denied as she glowingly exuded youthful energy on the dance floor. The event later progressed to the stage of testimonies about Dame Beatrice. Close friends came forward and joyfully testified to the
positive impacts of the celebrant in their lives. The testifiers recounted several acts of kindness and selfless display of love towards them by mama Beatrice Akinwunmi. Some of the testifiers went a step further to show their appreciation to the celebrant by dropping several gift items for her.

Emotional hallmark of the event was when all children and grandchildren children of the celebrant presented her with the key of a brand new car. According to the children, the gift symbolized their deep love and gratitude to the celebrant for her matriarchal role and for also serving as major anchor of their family.

Special moments of the event were captured through photography. The apparently elevated spirit of Dame Beatrice Akinwunmi could be seen to have left a lasting impression on everyone that came from far and near to celebrate her 70th milestone age of existence.

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