I write on behalf of The Bridge Concepts Nigeria Limited a public relations and mass communications firm to inform you of the forthcoming stakeholder driven initiative to complement the diplomatic and bilateral efforts being taken to find a lasting solution that will lay to rest permanently the seeming perennial Xenophobic attacks on AFRICANS BY AFRICANS as triggered from South Africa recently.

You will recall that the cases of Xenophobic attacks dates back to over a decade, starting as and perceived as minor skirmishes and the general belief was that it will death’’ or ‘’it will blow away’’ or ‘’die a naturally’’.

Sir the event of the last month seem to confirm that that was an assumption taken too far, in that this latest occurrence proved to be the worst in history with huge toll of attendant losses in lives and properties in its wake, and this time for the first time ever with attendant reprisals from Nigeria also with huge avoidable material losses.

In a sense of collective guilt as informed by hindsight, we all are suffering today the consequences of lack of sustained stakeholder initiatives and involvement beyond abandonment of solutions to BILATERAL TALKS, DIPLOMATIC FINESSE, sometime LEGISLATIVE CONDEMNATION, and random masses euphoric reactive caustic comments of disappointment by citizens on such acts on social or main media largely informed by patriotism and outrage arising from dashed expectations because of the perceived common historical relationship that existed between Nigeria and South Africa.

However the recent xenophobic attacks tended to confirm that if this is not nipped in the bud from all angles i.e involvement of other initiatives from stakeholders, if Xenophobic reactions acquires the fullest stature driven by and fuelled by hate, all the nations of the continent will be at each other’s throats from the evidences that the last xenophobic attacks extended beyond Nigerian nationals.-that is a recipe for continental crisis.

The recent resurgence therefore COMPELS very strongly too, that while diplomatic and bilateral talks has its crucial place, it may not be a one cure all drug, rather we need the deployment of other creative efforts from concerned stakeholders, there is the renewed call for renewed social – reconnection, re-engagement , re-orientation and re-integration strategies that will complement diplomacy, initiative that will re-connect us with a ‘’renaissance of our Africanness’’ and strengthening of the chord that binds us as Africans with shared history of brotherhood, as sustained xenophobic attacks will rip apart the fabric of our ‘’Africanness’’ and Africa will continue in under development and remain the butt of global opprobrium, ridicule and jokes.

It is the realization of the above fact that The Bridge Concepts Nigeria Limited has deemed it fit and appropriate, fit and proper, alongside other initiatives being put in place to deploy the effective tools of AFRICAN ARTS and MUSIC as a quick healing route of the fractured relationship.

We are conscious of the effective roles that music and arts played in the fight against apartheid regime, where continental music giants sand songs of mobilization that united the resolve against apartheid regime, songs like FREE MANDELA, WE WANT TO SEE YOU BACK IN SOWETO, FIRE IN SOWETO by Nigerias Sonny Okosun, and much later performances like the world famous UMOJA-spirit of togetherness, etc

These songs and performances were laden with messages of oneness, togetherness, mobilized all Africans, and above all was a call to action in the days of apartheid, today Xenophobia deserves to be frontally taken headlong with the same tools that helped in the days of apartheid.

It is in awareness of these facts that we have decided to mobilise a CONTINENTAL ALL STARS PERFORMANCE OF AN ANTI-XENOPHOBIA THEME SONG, similar to the USA FOR AFRICA performance titled ‘’WE ARE THE WORLD’’.

The ALL AFRICAN STARS CONCERT PERFORMANCE with a working title XENOPHOBIA: NEVER AGAIN, followed by across the continent LIVE ACROSS THE AFRICAN CONTINENT PERFORMANCES with different COMMEMORATIVE MEMORABILIA will without doubts be the FIRST OF ITS KIND, NON DIPLOMATIC INITIATIVE to fight xenophobia from another angle coming with its own potentials particularly when it is obvious that the persons who activate the attacks know little or nothing about bilateral or diplomacy, they are outside of the hallowed meeting rooms where diplomatic discussions are held, but the arts and the performances as we propose meet them on the streets and wherever they may be found.

In view of the above, we convinced that we cannot do this alone, without the involvement of critical stakeholders like you and your organisation and composite input and informed perspectives, consequently we hereby ask respectfully that you consider this request to be a MEDIA PARTNER to drive this continental anti xenophobia initiative via the tools of music and arts.

By your acceptance, you will be shoring up your corporate goodwill and be taking your corporate social responsibility to continental reckoning and import, as we work together to eliminate fear, mutual distrust, hate and engender amity across the continent where Africans will find acceptance and home wherever they find themselves in Africa
Lastly, we hope that the proceeds from the sales of the Anti-Xenophobia commemorative items, the CD-ROMS, the ALL CONTINENTAL STARS PERFORMANCES AND CONCERTS will be used to erect lasting symbolic features in both countries as well as assist the victims of the recent Xenophobic attacks.

We therefore in the light of the above request your kind consideration of this invitation to be a partner and avail us the opportunity to further espouse on the fine details of this project.

In the meantime, please accept the assurances of our highest regard.

Yours Sincerely,

  • Congressman Bimbo Daramola

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