While we congratulate the members of our dear party, the All Progressives Congress who emerged victorious in the just concluded general elections, we, the concerned members of the All Progressives Congress,(Akure North), wishes to express our grievances over some undemocratic and unhealthy political happenings in our local government.

It’s now noticeable that Akure North has become a flashpoint of political crisis in the state, and it is becoming too frequent. We want to bring to the attention of our political leaders in Akure North and in the state at large to the crisis that has been manufactured by the so-called mischievous leader of Akure North.

We, the concerned citizens of Akure North, noted with dismay the humiliation and embarrassment that our innocent APC members have been subjected to in their various wards, perpetrated by the so-called mischievous APCC Akure North leader under the guise of the anti-party.

We, the concerned citizens, know that the objective of this warlord in Akure North is to disenfranchise our excos and our entire members from participating in and voting in the upcoming local government election. 

Also, we want to make it clear to them that we will contest for every councillor and local government chairman position to achieve the aim they have self-manufactured and accessed through our faithful APC party members in the past election.

This same mischievous group is working against our industrious son to prevent him from securing a position with the incoming federal administration. If they want to go the route of the anti-party, we will be happy to open all kinds of worms, and we will also be happy to remind them of their activity during the 2019 senatorial election and how much money they received from the opponent party to work against the APC party. We therefore appeal to the party leaders in the state to rein in this mischievous group and remind them that power is transient.

We want this intimidation and harrassment of our innocent APC members to stop immediately; otherwise, we will take it to the national level.

Signed by Segun Oluyede, on behalf of Allash Group (Alasoadura)

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