Barr. Agboola Ajayi as Example of a Profound Politician

Barr. Agboola Ajayi as Example of a Profound Politician 
By Femi Salako
For those who know Agboola Ajayi, the present Deputy Governor of the Sunshine State, the manner of the illustrious man he has become to the people and government of Ondo State would not come to them as a surprise.  He has been so big a blessing to his people and political associates from the formative of his political life, giving early impressions of a politician who would reach heights and help lives. 
It was not a surprise however that the whole world came to accord the humility -personified political star the role and reach of a true giant when we led the way to the rescue of school children who were captives in the den of kidnappers.  It was not long afterwards that the same Agboola facilitated the repentance and subsequent admission into the federal government amnesty programme of hundreds of Niger Delta Militants in Ondo State.  
That is the meaning of leadership. Ajayi is doing leadership to the admiration of many, yet he remains down to earth with all, whether you belong to the classes or masses. He’s the typical embodiment of the man of the people. 
Though the Arakunrin-led government in Ondo State, is relatively new in the business of governance, has recorded a good measure of plausible activities. And besides the dexterity of the governor, the fact that his deputy, Barrister Agboola Ajayi has been a loyal subordinate with lofty ideas about governance is the other big plus. Since the take-off, the deputy governor has been unusually supportive to his boss on the various fronts of government, especially in matters that relate to political relations and security. 
Agboola ‘s progressive mindset and fine political ideologies and believe in making a vivid difference in the lives of others and contributing effectively to ensuring positive change in the larger society. This underlines the truism that he has always been on the side of his people, regardless of the price he has had to pay at specific times. Ajayi has always been conscious of the enormous needs and yearnings of his people and often confessing his regrets that his people are suffering in the midst of plenty.
The profound performances of Barr. Agboola Ajayi , for which he has become famed for, did not start today. Long time ago, the seeds of his deeds have impressed leaders of thought who have since held the view that he’s cut out for greater achievements in life. Later achievements and strides were to prove this correctly. His fine public spirit reinforced the trust of his people to the effect that they said the young Agboola had greater opportunities, he would give them good representation and would not forget his root. Agboola Alfred Ajayi had since remained a major determinant of socio-political issues in the Southern senatorial district of Ondo State.
His outstanding leadership qualities and contributions to the well-being of his people  earned him the Chairmanship position of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in the Old Apoi ward-1 as early as between 1989 and 1992. He steered the wheel of the party so perfectly and transparently that he gained the trust of his people. His political sheen enamoured the his people so much  that he was the unanimous choice of eminent leaders when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was formed in 1998 and he was made the Secretary of PDP Ilaje / Ese-Odo Local Government between 1998 and 1999.
Same goodwill and giant strides saw Agboola to victory in 2004 local government election as the democratically elected Chairman of Ese-Odo Local Government, a reward of selfless and humanitarian services to his people. He served selflessly and meritoriously as the chairman of Ese-Odo Local Government between 2004 and 2007. His uprightness, trustworthiness and accountability have been themes in the public domain, and appreciated by his colleagues and was made the Treasurer of Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Ondo State chapter between 2004 and 2007.
As a member of the Federal House of Representative to represent the good people of Ilaje / Ese-Odo Federal Constituency, it was an opportunity to serve his people better and develop their lands. And true to type, Hon. Agboola used all available opportunities to assist and touch the lives of the people of his federal constituency and all those whose paths crossed his. Little wonder he is, as at today, a household name in the southern senatorial district of Ondo State largely as a result of what he did before, during and after his time at the National Assembly
While at the National Assembly, Agboola Alfred Ajayi proved his worth, especially as Chairman, House committee on NDDC between 2007 and 2010, and as member of the various committees, which included House committee on Gas, House committee on Habitat, House committee on Justice and House committee on Industry between 2007 and 2001. In these lofty positions, he didn’t only Excel, he also used the offices to impact on the lives of his people positively.
Agboola Ajayi, who is a barrister at law and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is also a successful businessman who has served and / or is still serving on the board of many blue-chip and multinational companies which include Xedex Nigeria Limited, Donfrat Jerces Construction Limited, Signol Fred Security Limited, Neton Rebka Investment Limited, Signol Fred Oil and Gas Limited and Piccolo Bruneli Engineering Limited, to mention a few.
As testimonies to Agboola’s fine leadership and his many great gestures, corporate organizations and communities within and outside Ondo State have honoured him with sterling awards, thereby making him one of the most decorated politicians in Ondo State on account of living a life of service for the masses.
Agboola, proud holder of the chieftaincy titles, Otunba Mayeigun of Apoiland,  Aare Bobaselu of Ugboland, is the recipient of the Award of Excellence for best Local Government administration in Ondo State 2005; Merit Award for an Outstanding Leadership 2006; Distinguished Merit Award for Philanthropy 2008; Patron, Apoi Student Association.

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