Asiwaju An Ethnic Jingoist?


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, @officialasiwajubat may be accused of a number of things, just as EVERY NIGERIAN living and indeed, dead, will, but this one thing I know, tribalism cannot be one of the accusations.

I personally know MANY people from the North West, South South, Northeast, South East, North Central who owe their being alive to God and to Asiwaju, not to talk of those whose careers from Political to Professional had plummeted almost irredeemably but were restored from oblivion and obscurity by Asiwaju, not to talk about those he discovered and with that discovery their lives got stabilised and course of personal fulfilment till this day.

Back in his Sunday Adigun days and later at Bourdillon, I personally and a number of Yorubas had felt at different times, that he ignored us in those giddy days of high wired opposition, when we went to consult him, at different times he would attend to non yorubas first and he would later come back to us at 3a.m after others 😢 !!!

Asiwaju a tribal jingoist? Hell No! His nationalistic commitment is not blighted.

This one thing I know for a fact 💯 %.

#bimboekiti #nitoriojoolawa #ekitipeoplefirst

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