Akinola Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa and his significant contribution to the BAT Movement


Akinola Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa and his significant contribution to the BAT Movement

No doubt, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the rave of the moment, his ascendance as a chief maker to the presidency despite all the odds stacked against him is one that inspires courage, commitment and consistency .

While he owns every right to make the victory his, it’s however important to say the victory won’t be complete without the contributions of men who rose to the occasion when the chips are down.

Among such men is Akinola Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State.

Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa, has been a strong fort for the party in the state and at the national level, he has been very much involved in the growth of the party since inception and has dutifully mobilized resources to ensure the continual sustenance and dominance of the party in the State.

It was not surprising when he was made the Deputy National coordinator of the Independent Campaign Council (ICC) for southern Nigeria.

This campaign council was in charge of mobilizing support for the BAT movement in South West, South, South and South East.

They were able to record highly significant progress and no wonder the party was also able to turn out massively for Tinubu in the Southwest.

Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa, who is a former governorship aspirant in the State continues to justify reasons why he is considered a grassroots politician and mobilizer and given his growing popularity within the state, the people of Ondo State can only sit down and expect more from the astute politician in the years to come.

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