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Aketi and the trajectory to economic development


Ondo state, like never before, is on a new trajectory. A trajectory that is making everyone wonder and admire the midas touch of the helmsman in the state.

From the North to the Central and down to the Southern Senatorial district of the state, construction sites dot every area. Infrastructural development like never seen before, completed and ongoing is the new sign

It is widely debated that the immediate past administration, despite making strides in notable strata of the state, didn’t make enough impact in the southern senatorial which no doubt is supposed to be the economic haven of the state if truly harnesses and opened up for business with the right infrastructure.

While it is true that no one has the fix it all remedy to the challenges of a state, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) has identified the shortcomings of the past administration and is effectively addressing these challenges by building infrastructure that would translate and attract economic boom.

The Aketi government is not building infrastructure to garner goodwill or seek political patronage, a good observer of the infrastructural development presently ongoing in Ondo state will vividly understand that the projects are open doors to economic development.

The Ore flyover bridge as a major example among the numerous ongoing road projects in the state will no doubt open up Ore to take its place as the true economic capital of Ondo state, an acclamation it has for long bore on papers.

In the words of the State Commissioner for Information, Donald Ojogo, the Akeredolu government is exploring fresh grounds, breaking the same and surpassing set records.

Recently the main 30 metre long beam of the Ore flyover bridge was launched across the expressway an indication that the project may nearing completion stage.

In other parts o the southern senatorial district, the government is also opening new roads to link up Ilaje to Lagos, any business-inclined citizen must know without any rhetoric the impact such a project will have on Ondo state and the people of the district.

Without much ado, other parts of the state, from Akure to the northern senatorial district are experiencing Midas touch like never before with legacy infrastructural projects.

The prayers and wishes on the lips of residents are grace for completion by the hands that have started the project, even as it is crystal clear that some of the projects may spill beyond the first four years of the Akeredolu government.

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