Akeredolu Has Performed Well To Deserve Another Term – ….As he describes his aspiration the best for Irele LGA – Tobi Nicholas Akinbiola


Akeredolu Has Performed Well To Deserve Another Term –
….As he describes his aspiration the best for Irele LGA – Tobi Nicholas Akinbiola

The Caretaker Chairman of Irele Local Government, Hon. Tobi Akinbiola  has described himself as the best and most qualified of all the aspirants to take charge as the Executive Chairman of the Local Council. He also canvassed support for the re-election of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu whose performance and that of his wife, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu as superlative. Tobi Akinbola revealed this during his visit to the headquarter of Triangle media, Akure.

When asked what qualifies him for the position of Executive Chairman of Irele Local Governor, Hon. Akinbiola answered, “We are not new in the system because of the experience already acquired in the political circle. That really has helped us. We know what our people are yarning for in our local government. Actually, I was a chairman of the local government from 2011 to 2013 during the regime of Governor Olusegun Mimiko. We worked with him and embarked on so many projects like the Civil center, road safety, electricity. During the time, we were also able to build some markets and also gave out scholarship to students. We paid the WAEC fees of students and we did a lot of other things. Up till this time, we have done a lot of empowerments and we have also increased the Local Government IGR during this time”.

On what he has achieved in his first six months of being in office as Caretaker Chairman of Irele, Akinbiola said this, “We were given six months this time around. When we got there, it was quite disappointing that many of the projects we put in place had been destroyed by successive Local Government Chairmen. For instance, the Civic Center that generates minimum of #50,000 on a weekly basis had been vandalized. They spoilt the whole facility and stole away so many things. At the time we built the place, it is a 1000 capacity building completed with chairs, plasma televisions and other gadgets like
speakers, microphones amongst others. Although, we were unable to fence the place at the time it was constructed. We wrote the Ministry of Local Government and we were given go ahead. We hit the ground running with the immediate construction of the fence. This has necessitated an increase in the charge from #50,000 to #75,000 and our people are now rushing it.

We said it that there is no money in the government, but whatever little amount we are getting, it as to do with planning. We plan whatever we get from the government. For instance, if we were given one million naira, if we plan very well, people will see what we have acquired with the money. Again, we printed 30,000 exercise books and distributed it to all the students in the public school in the local government. The pictures won’t tell lie, you can see all the primary schools in Irele Local Government. Beside that, we have printed 500 school bags and shared to the students during the time of their long holiday. We organized summer coaching for students and they came in a very high numbers. We conducted test for the students and some of them that performed well in the test were given laptops, exercise books, text books and dictionary and lots more. Moreso, I am always available in the office to attend to our people. And also when we talk of party, we have done a lot to grow it. In fact, the governor gave us a clear instruction  upon assuming office to develop our party at the local government level.
I can confirm to you that all the party Executive members at the Local Government level are being given monthly allowances. As a matter of fact, if I enter anywhere today in Irele Local Government and I mention APC, everybody will respond enthusiastically”.

Akinbiola was also asked of his opinion on the issue of thuggery in the Irele Local Government and he answered thus, “Thugs are everywhere but I want to tell you today that there is no more thuggery in the local government.
We have arranged a vigilante in the town so that all this unnecessary information we do receive from every angle will stop. Today we can guarantee the governor that if he is coming for a visit to the local government, we assure him of total safety. I just want to tell you that everything is not about money, it’s about how nice you are to the people and how far you have been accepted by them. I want to thank the people of Irele Local Government for the cooperation they have given me in the last six months. Mr Governor has been kind enough for giving us another six months in office because of what we have achieved. I want to thank him again because if I have executives power, I will surely outperform my previous achievements”.

On what he intends to achieve as the Executive Chairman of Irele Local Government if he is eventually elected, Hon. Akinbiola responded, ” I sure know how to use Executive powers. I can assure that Irele Local Government will be taken to the next level if given the opportunity. Without being immodest, I am still the obvious best amongst all those that are aspiring to become the next Executive Chairman of Irele. None of those contesting can match my rich experience. We are quite experienced and I want to tell assure of the plan to hit the ground running with my manifesto. We have devised means to generate IGR and this can be better done as an Executive Chairman. I also have plans to raise fund for the execution of projects and none of the people contesting with can match these plans. After all, we have tried them and we have seen what they could offer. As a matter of fact, these people are not my match in all respects. This is not to say that I am that perfect, but I am evidently shoulder higher than the other aspirants. In age, I am older and I certainly better than others in other areas of life. I have worked with an experienced government and this is an added advantage for me.

When Hon. Tobi Akinbiola was asked of his opinion on the performance of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, he answered, “Mr Governor is a highly experienced too. He is not a loose talker and all what he want is the truth. I know Governor Akeredolu to be a lover of hard work and he loves workaholic people. The First Lady too is also an embodiment of hard work. This woman would rather forgo her holidays to organize a very good holiday coaching for students. We have also been complementing her efforts by giving out school bags, exercise books and many more to the students. I want to believe that the first lady truly appreciate all what we have done to compliment her efforts. Akeredolu has truly done a lot as a governor. Take a look at the roads, the governor has achieved a whole lot particularly in the South Senatorial District. The first fly over in Ondo State as at  today is now being built by Akeredolu. In my own local government area, six kilometers of roads is in progress as at now with 1 kilometer already completed. He has also achieved a lot in the areas of schools renovation, water provision and many more achievements. Some of us from Ondo Senatorial District are using this medium to thank Governor Akeredolu for the industries attracted to our zone. We now have many factories in Ondo State as at today. Akeredolu has attracted cluster of industries
to Ore axis of Ondo State. Youths are now getting employed in these industries, water is there as well and the roads are also there too. Many other roads across the state are still at different completion stages. Lastly, I will also like to commend Governor Akeredolu for prompt and regular payment of civil servants’ salaries. The last time that workers enjoy regular salary payment was about 10 years ago. Akeredolu has changed this narrative today and Ondo State workers are definitely happy with the governor”.

On what he expect to see during the conduct of chairmanship primaries of APC across the state, Akinbiola responded thus, “The message I have is that the party Chairman is prepared to have a free and fair election. This is the avenue for every aspirant to move out and test popularity. We don’t need to hide from the truth. Anyone that is sure of himself or herself in any local government should feel free to test popularity and tell the people their agenda. Aspirants should feel proud to tell the people their manifestoes and what they have for the electorates at the local government level. I believe very strongly that at the end of the day even without any argument, the opposition will know that Ondo state is for our great party, APC.

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