Advancing Ilaje Edo with Myson Adeyemi Nejo come 2023


The necessity for voters to make sure they place the proper pegs in the correct holes has been brought home by recent events in Nigeria. If there has ever been a time to change this narrative, it is now. Our decades of having a democratic system have not brought us many democratic gains and dividends.

Time and chance have been kind to the residents of the Ilaje Edo Federal Constituency; a candidate who is qualified to head a formidable representation and give them a fresh start is standing right in their midst.

One with the unwavering dedication and motivation to use their communal resources to create a better world. Despite having little to show for their democratic experience, they do have a man who has positioned himself as a worthy contender to hold the mandate of the people at the House of Representatives come 2023 under the platform of the ADC

Myson Adeyemi Nejo Esq, born into the family of Akinneyin, a notable Royal Family from Ode Mahin in Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo State, Nigeria. A true son of the soil who over the years has remained true to his roots, always identifying with them, contributing his quota to the development of the community.

An erudite lawyer by profession, one which he has used on numerous occasions to fight for social justice in the nation. It would be recalled that himself alongside other state Politicians were solidly behind Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.SAN during the time of his trials and Court hearings at the Election tribunal and Supreme Court, Abuja.

Asides this, he holds a rich history of community service and advocate of humanitarian service.

If there’s anything which singles him out to be unique, it is his passion to drive growth and development for his people and he believes that much can be done if given the opportunity to represent the people at the House of Representatives come 2023.

It’s high time we give our support and vote to a candidate who we have rest assured will deliver, he has a good track record and a name which speaks credibility and suitability.

It’s high time we say no to political dispensation that has given us nothing to show forth for our democratic gains. Both the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress has woefully failed us, failing to deliver where and when it matters.

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