Adebanjo offended most Yoruba people with his endorsement of Peter Obi, says Tunji Abayomi


A Constitutional lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Dr. Tunji Abayomi has described the constant wrong decision of the Afenifere leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, using the pan-Yoruba sociocultural association to canvass support for the Labour Party LP presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi as scandalous, embarrassing and clearly unacceptable.

Abayomi in a tensed statement issued in Akure, the Ondo State Capital today said the leadership at the high level of Chief Adebanjo should take care when taking decisions not to embarrass themselves or their Tribe or Constituency.

According to him, “Most Yoruba people are greatly offended by the wrong and unjustifiable choice of Chief Adebanjo of Obi over their highly rated Son Bola Ahmed Tinubu especially in the absence of any central Yoruba consultation.

“The Candidate that represents Yoruba hope and Nigerian progress and possibilities is Tinubu. That’s why I personally believe Chief Adebanjo owes Yoruba peoples worldwide urgent apology for his embarrassing support for Obi.

His words: “I must confess my consternation about the position of Papa Ayo Adebanjo on the Presidential Candidate Afenifere should support.

“Is Afenifere established to fight for equity in Nigeria or equity for Yoruba people? I mean you have the right to stand for Obi as an individual but can you do so in the name of an ethnic Yoruba organisation?

“Papa Adebanjo keeps referring to the choice by Chf Obafemi Awolowo of members of other ethnic groups as Deputy Candidate to justify his Afenifere’s support for Peter Obi. How does this stand to logic? Will it make sense then for Afenifere NOT to support Papa Awolowo as a Yoruba Presidential Candidate while casting support for a non-Yoruba Candidate?.

“Political decision of a Political Party even when its accepted by a Yoruba Candidate like Chief Obafemi Awolowo should certainly not be confused with community interest, desire and ethos of Yoruba People” Abayomi added.


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