I have read all criticisms against the appointments of my Special Assistants in ONDO Central and my Aides in the National Assembly in the last 48 hours without any response.
Firstly, I want to thank God Almighty that I won my Senate seat back against the wish of Political distractors who worked against my emergence both in Primary and General Elections that brought me back to the Senate. My great thanks goes to the good people of ONDO central particularly leaders of our party and party faithfuls who contributed to my success in the general election. People should also remember that I contested under PDP platform in 2015 and lost, after which I gave glory to God almighty that another tomorrow will come. I am today in the drivers seat of PDP in Ondo Central as the leader of the Party and my main focus is to consider many political interests as much as practicable to ensure the victory of our Party to produce the next Governor of Ondo State by God’s grace.
Politics is about carrying many people along to show sense of belonging to majority of party faithfuls that contributed to success of an election of a candidate to a political position of service to humanity. Those who are criticizing my actions are only thinking about their own personal interests alone. They are not thinking about how both small and old members of the party should share from little available to go round. This is my strategy to make all members of the party in all my 6LGA in the Central to have a taste of the actions of what is available now.
However, since the strategy has commanded many criticisms, I will adopt another strategy to stop appointments of many SA and concentrate on how to use any funds at my disposal to procure empowerment materials to be distributed to party members and general public supporting our party to produce the next Governor of Ondo State come 2020 in JESUS name.

Enough of criticisms of SA and Legislative Aides appointments henceforth. It is my personal decision to choose who can work with me to deliver on my senatorial mandate. It is too early to start judging me at the beginning of 9th Senate by political distractors.
All those who are aggrieved on my choice of SA and legislative Aides, should exercise patience to see whether I will not deliver on my mandate to the people of ONDO central better than my predecessors in office. I am not a magician but a professional man with integrity tested and trusted in my professional and political endeavors over the years. I just laughed at people making defamatory comments on my personality. I classified them as people who have never made a success of their professional and political endeavors. They believe they can get to the top by destroying those God has made. It is not possible, because one with God is majority, that was why it was possible for me to get back to the senate against their wishes. I want to say without any equivocation that I am not moved by their defamatory comments on me. I am a senior citizen of Nigeria with integrity to defend my actions any time any day. Call me different names you like because we are in politics together that is why you will have your ways this time because I have turned myself to dust bin. In politics no Permanent friends or enemies in perpetuity. Those fighting you today may become your friends tomorrow when their interest is at equilibrium position with yours.That is politics. I stand out to practice politics of maturity and greatness but not politics of destruction practiced by some people who don’t want others to grow.
Therefore, I say all PDP members in Ondo central should go back home and think about how to win the next Governorship election for a candidate of PDP that will emerge in our primary election. That is when many problems of Party members can be better solved. There is no way, I cant solve 10% of individual members problems of the Party as it stands today in Ondo State. Fighting me through blackmail for choosing my Aides that can make me deliver on my Senatorial mandate can not solve your personal problems, but will compound it the more.

I am a self made man through the grace of God not through the grace of ordinary man that have soul and body, who can die at any time. My God leaves forever, he never die, that is why I am boosting in the Lord.

Let those making side comments without knowing that the basis of my petition was to ensure that peace rains in Idanre my home town and in the Central Senatorial District of which today, God has bestowed the leadership of our great Party in my hand as the democratically elected Senator with over 66,000 votes casted by good people of ONDO Central across the Local Government areas for me to emerge the clear winner. Note that senatorial seat is not by appointment that blackmail and intimidation by disgruntled elements can use as basis to remove the occupant from office. Four years is my clear mandate to deliver on my electioneering promises. Therefore, let’s shed our sword and move our Party forward to greater heights of development.

Finally, my position remains on altered as far as legislative Aides appointments are concerned. If after one year or two I considered it desirable, I may decide to change one or two of them and consider other local governments where I have not picked any one now. All the local governments voted for me and I will deliver dividends of democracy on equality principles as demonstrated in my inaugural empowerment scheme delivered to Ondo Central beneficiaries across the 65wards and 6 LGA accordingly last Monday 9th September, 2019 in Akure, the State Capital.

The twelve SA nominated by LGA in the Central will work in my Senatorial Constituency office in Akure. The appointments is part-time political assignment and attracts only a monthly allowance to be determined by me based on what my office can accommodate to guarantee consistency and regular payments through out tenure of office. It is not by force, it is not statutory, it is discretionary and therefore, only those who can deliver on my policies and programs should accept the appointments with love for our great party to win the next Governorship Election in Ondo State.
My Policies and Programs will center on this singular objective for now.
I hope this peace will clear many doubts and misconceptions about my stand to deliver on my mandate to Ondo Central and move our Party to grater height to be loved by all residents of Ondo State using the Central as point of contact to deliver ONDO state to PDP come next Election

Thanks you all

God bless ONDO Central
God bless PDP to occupy ALAGBAKA Government house come 2020
God bless ONDO State
God bless the Senate of 9th Assembly
God Bless the FRN

  1. Dist Sen Ayo Akinyelure,FCA
    Chairman Senate Committee on Ethics Privileges and Public Petitionso

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