He looks into the night sky and wonders if he will ever be able to say good bye to his love ones.
A tear drops down his face And yes he is a soldier and he can cry.

In a distance, he sees the enemies approaching, he stands his ground and hides all his pains and fears, he looks around and all he sees are his fellow soldiers yelling and screaming.
For a moment, fears grips him, but he must fight for the love of his country.
Yes a soldier can cry.

Will he ever see his family again, Will he ever be able to kiss his wife again, Will he ever be able to look into his daughters eyes that is as bright as the sun, Will he ever see his son grow up into a fine gentleman, and say “I’m proud of you son”
His mother awaits for his return, will he ever see her again!

By now, he is on the ground eyes shut, and not caring what is going to happen to him. He might die today, he may not, but he doesn’t seem to care, he feels the bullet rip into his skin, and mixes with the earth within.
His body soon to be part of the earth, but he is not scared, nor sad because he is aware of the oath he took. His allegiance is to his country. He will give his country everything that he is worth.
He whimpers slowly in pain, It may be his turn to die for his beloved nation.
And yes a soldier can cry.


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