Olumuyiwa Adu: Celebrated Coming of The People’s Choice by Femi Salako

There are certainly a number of well loved and highly respected names that can readily open all sorts of doors within the geographical space of Nigeria and Ondo State in particular. One of these door opening names in Ondo State and the entire stretch of Akure land is that of Barrister Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu. This is a name that mean different things to different people within and outside of Ondo State.

It is interesting to note that the name of Olumuyiwa Adu naturally commands respect amongst the people of Akure North and Akure South Local Government Areas. However, it is more important to point out very clearly that Barrister Adu has over the years worked so selflessly to earn the trust and love of his people. He has been extremely supportive to the people of his constituency in all ways possible; but more importantly in the areas of educational support for students and community building.

As far as the political land space of Akure is concerned, Cubana of Akure politics as Olumuyiwa Adu is popularly known, will continue to stand out as a golden that cannot be hidden. The man is simply driven by the burning desire to uplift
the larger community so that greater happiness could be manifestly maximized for the highest number of people.

The legal practitioner is truly a different brand of politician with
uncompromising focus on politics of ideas, decency and honesty. He definitely stands shoulder higher than his other contemporaries when placed on the pedestal of morality. Thus far, Cubana has
convinced his followers and supporters that refinement, integrity, and decency could serve as major assets in partisan politics. The scandal free Adu has also proven through his conducts that election could either be won or lost with equanimity.

Muyiwa Adu may be said to have been deservedly poached from the Peoples Democratic Party by the stalwarts of APC that truly know him as a human asset to any political party. Although he contested and narrowly lost the Akure North/South Federal Constituency bye election
in 2022; but he actually lost to irreconcilable leadership crisis within the ranks of the Peoples Democratic Party in Akure and the Ondo State at large.

Despite the defeat of Cubana in the House of Representatives election,
PDP members in Ondo State and throughout the entire stretch of Akure land will continue to remain
appreciative of his support and contributions to the party. It is however very interesting to know that Adu acted rightly and even at the right time just like a man that can clearly see tomorrow by opting to seek political salvation in the APC.

The sad reality about Ondo State
chapter of the PDP since 2016 is that the party has been left in the grips of an individual whose actions have unconscionably led to a steady nosedive of the umbrella party. It is important to note that processes leading to the emergence of Eyitayo Jegede, SAN as PDP gubernatorial candidate in 2016 appeared to have foisted deep seated leadership crisis on the party and things seem not to remain the same for the umbrella party since then and even till now.

It has since become very clear to every discerning political player in Ondo State that the PDP is apparently a sharply divided house and of a truth, any house that is divided against itself can never stand. For this reason and more, Ondo State chapter of the PDP has since been receding very fast into political oblivion and no thank to the the leadership crisis that has plagued the once very united umbrella party.

Another sad reality of the badly leaking umbrella of Ondo State PDP is that not only are the leaders sharply divided, they also work at cross purposes and this often than not turn out to be counterproductive for candidates of the party.
It is for this reason and more that Olumuyiwa Adu narrowly lost the House of Representatives bye-election in 2022. The man could have won fair and square if the leadership of PDP in both Akure North and Akure South Local Government had given the required level of commitment to the electoral contest.

It is naturally expected of any serious and forward thinking
politician to promptly find the exit door from a crisis riddled political entity like the Ondo State chapter of the PDP. The flagrant inconsistency of the party with its own laid down principles and rules was also another reason for the defection of Cubana to the APC. The community builder strongly believes that his records of impeccable character and capacity would definitely make ways for him in the APC where
a level playing field is expected.

Barrister Adu as a grassroots politician is largely reputed for his various community development efforts that have in
no small measure impacted the living conditions of many people in Akure. Interventions of Cubana in the academic pursuits of several indigent students have also been well acknowledged and appreciated by the people of Akure. The grassroots mobilizer has also taken it upon himself on several occasions to give financial lifelines to the economically disadvantaged people in his constituency.

Even before he ever thought of delving into partisan politics, Olumuyiwa Adu has always find it a thing of joy to identify with with the downtrodden within and outside of Akure. He naturally finds a deep sense of joy in giving helping hands to the commoners in their various areas of needs. The man Adu readily share in the pains, struggles and joy of the People of Akure. He has thus far garnered enough grassroots experience to accurately feel and gauge the economic and welfare pulses of his people.

Of a truth, Barrister Olumuyiwa Adu is a man whose time has come. He is however lucky at this time to have made the best political decision of joining a progressive political party where his worth, qualities and contributions will be well appreciated. This time around, the Cubana of Akure politics is launching out into the deep of partisan politics in a quest to faithfully render selfless service to the good people of Akure, Ondo State and Nigeria at large.

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