Ogosi Afa Okeagbe celebrates USE festival in grand style in Ondo state.


Cultural Heritage, inclusive of traditions, worship places, artistic objects and expressions, is a way of living created by a community and passed on from age to age.

Cultural heritage can be classified as tangible and intangible . As urbanization is a fast ongoing process in present times, the features that form the whole humanity’s cultural heritage from past to future, have risks of decay or extinction.

Thus, the conservation of cultural heritage is a significant issue worldwide.

Ogosi Afa Okeagbe in Akoko North West Local government area of Ondo state, Nigeria is prominent with regards to a cultural heritage inheritance known as ‘USE festival” which has remarkable history in the entire community of Okeagbe Akoko.

Ogosi Afa Okeagbe is the cradle of humanity with an enviable cultural heritage with a rich natural organic foods, vibrant music and dance, beautiful fashion and strong traditions that have stood the test of time.

According to the findings, USE festival is the festival that open all other annual festivals in Afa Okeagbe, it shows how giant and brave Ogosi forefathers used to be in the olden days. It is strongly agreed that cultural heritage or historical sites are very significant for a community as Cultural Heritage and Historical sites always attract tourists. USE festival is usually celebrated early February every year for a period of nine days. The 2023 edition of USE festival would be an exceptional one with more active involvement of the sons and daughters of Ogosi Afa, Okeagbe both within the country and the diaspora.

USE Festival Celebrations start on the eve of the main cultural displays. The evening is known as “ASHENTA”. Participants will gathered at Iloro quaters of Ogosi Afa to eat roasted yams with palm oil and washed down with assorted drinks while traditional songs extolling the virtues of our ancestors and the community are rendered.

It would be followed by the main USE festival on the following day with traditional music “Pohunpohun’ and Eeo mai kerooooooo!!! from all the age groups of Ogosi community with the majestic traditional dance of the people of the community as well as a variety of dance steps, performed by male and female dancers to the sounds of Agogo (gongs) played by Origbo and Oyere age groups of the community, thus demonstrating the historic harmony between the genders in Ogosi Afa Okeagbe..

The GRAND CARNIVAL of the event on the third day is set aside to celebrate all members of the community, while showcasing their rich cultural heritage to their guests.

However, other subsequent events of USE festival will follow to make up the nine days.

Already, a committee has been set up headed by Basorun Akinwumi Bada to ensure the success of 2023 USE festival and to create a standard such that any Ogosi son or daughter living in any part of the world will be proud of. The committee has since commenced geared at making sure that the festival subsequently becomes more attractive with new innovations. Awards and prize-giving have been included.

The potentials of USE festival as a boost to the tourism and hospitality industry of the community and Ondo State in particular, and Nigeria in general is also being focussed upon. The committee is not leaving any stone unturned as the nine-day cultural festival would showcase the rich cultural heritage and values of Ogosi Afa Okeagbe to the outside world.

Speaking on the 2023 USE festival, the Chairman, Planning Committee, Basorun Akinwumi Bada said “I must also appreciate the people of Ogosi Afa, Okeagbe for their interest to make the event a memorable one” saying that at the end of the festival in February, USE festival would have become a major tourist attraction in Okeagbe particularly in Ondo State.

“As a community we need to appreciate the dynamic nature of our cultures and acknowledge USE festival as veritable platform to further celebrate our unity in diversity” he added


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